Neptune/MC +career path


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Just wondering what people with this aspect are doing with their careers?

I have it and work by educating - teach about consumer issues.

It took me years to find what I really liked. I just walked into a lucky situation with getting my master's which helped me define my job.

However, my heart belongs to anthropology. I love the study of ancient cultures. I would of loved to of travel and observed what they do in the rain forest or in the Himalaya's.

How bout others careers and fantasy's? Blessings, tb


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I have my neptune on MC and it has made me wonder around different career possibilities for ages! I have heard that Neptune in 10th may mean that you may come an astrologer and do it for living! :38:Wonder what I am doing here? ;)

I usually have very strong ideas what I am going to do on my career, but it can change very neptunian way to another in a little time. I have considered psychology, politics, any type of "helping careers", a vet...Now my "main goal" is politics, but let's see when it changes again. :p


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Hi I'm new here. This question caught my attention as I appear to be at a crossroads. I have neptune conjunct the midheaven, usually in the nineth house (depending on the program used to calculate the chart). I've mostly been a housewife the last 25 years, occasionally doing daycare( mostly paid), dappling in astrology annd computer repair (for free). Now I have to make a living for myself and my children and figure out how to do that.:confused: once I learn how I'll upload my chart and ask for suggestions. Thanks
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My transiting Neptune has been conjunct my MC for a while and currently retrograding back onto my MC. During this time I have begun teaching, which came out of the blue. However I have no specific teaching qualifications. My interest in inutitive and esoteric subjects has greatly increased during this time too. My natal Scorpio neptune is square the MC, which is in Aquarius.

Love Light and Peace