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Hello All,

Can anyone check my chart and guide me which are the best gemstones that I can wear. I am mainly looking at improving my financial status.

My details are as below:
Date of Birth: 29-01-1982
Time of Birth: 06.46 AM
Place: Hungund, Karanataka,IN
Latitude & Longitude: 16 N 12; 75 E 45

Request you to kindly help me with this.


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in your birth chart Saturn and Mars in the house of luck by the Vedic astrology.Saturn is the lord of karma and Mars has power of karma,both making slowly parts in the related to bank insurance and finance or hospitals those are must for the livings,much tensions related to father,physical properties and communication,here Mercury is Rajyoga provider,but destroyed by Mars and Saturn,use gem stone like Sapphire and Coral in different rings,Coral in ring finger and sapphire in middle finger of right hand for male and left finger of female.