Need some opinions on my father


I have been reading this forum for awhile but this is my first time posting. Id really like opinions on what you see happening with my father. This is my chart. I do not know his birth time...but his birthdate is Aug 21 1939. He has been dealing with a lot since October and I am wondering what the future holds for him. I can provide more details if needed.

Also I know very little about astrology but have been pulled to learn more since June.



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Who reads Ladies Home Journal? Were you implying I use magazine horoscopes to make sense of my life? Sorry, not me.

I have a birth place for him. No time. Not something important in 1939 I think. This is why I attached my chart. I have all my information.

I was looking more information on what indicates my father in my chart. If anyone sees significant changes in my chart pertaining to father. I would figure it out myself but I'm too new to astrology to be certain. I was trying to get an opinion from someone who is more experienced.

Thanks for your reply.


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If you don't have a birthtime for you father, how did you arrive at the time you used for the chart?
If your father had a business or career, you can use Noon as the time of birth.

What illness is he battling now? Is he having memory problem?


The chart is mine, not my fathers.

Unfortunately my father passed on Sept 7 at 820pm. He was battling prostate cancer and has been in hospice care since last October. He did have dementia Lin.

I was originally looking to see if anyone saw when my fathers death would occur as it was/is a very trying time and i was looking for some answers.

Oh ya and Sept 8 is my birthday :(


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Sincerest condolences for your loss... I too have walked that path...

Predicting the death of a family member in advance is, I think, unwise;
what was significant in your first enquiry was that:

the conjunct of Jupiter/Venus was in trine to Uranus [sudden, unexpected change];
Uranus is ruler of the 5th H and trine natal Venus;
Mars was approaching the conjunct with Saturn, a significator of the father;
the conjunction formed a square with natal Mars; Saturn is ruler of the 4th H; Mars, ruler of the 8th;

Now begins the process for you to be integrating this loss, in comparison to your overall impressions of your father. Pluto transiting the 4th H shows a major 'transition' relating to family.
Saturn is the ruler of this house, in the natal chart, showing restrictions, control and authority as being influences from the father in the past. Saturn is not a serious afflictor in the chart though, thus perhaps you benefited from the structure and discipline he provided.

Pluto and Saturn are joined in the natal chart, relating to the resources you feel you received from the father [monetary or other].

Sun sq Uranus at birth: disruption or inconsistency relating to the father; possible estrangements or separation; rebellion and conflict; change and unpredictability [potentially connected with his dementia near the end].
This aspect is important as it tells us things about your own sense of Identity and Autonomy suggesting something unusual about the way you see yourself; do you have traits relating to non-conformity, resistance to authority, independence and individuality? Who was the true rebel in your relationship?

With your Sun in the 12th H the suggestion is that you may have secretive feelings about your father that may require some form of resolution, through self-analysis, etc; do you have difficulty revealing your true feelings about your father, and how he made you feel? How profoundly does this affect your life at this time?
These are things you are apt to be reflecting on during this transitional time for you.


Thank you for your reply. It was very helpful.

I found a great change in him physically when Mars conjunct Saturn. Things really started "happening" after that. The moon also had a lot of effect on him.

Pluto transiting the 4h - he not only transitioned eventually from this life but also moved from my brothers house to my sisters to the hospital to hospice then nursing home. SO changes in home life and where he lived was in full force this year.

My dad always helped out monetarily. (Pluto and Saturn are joined in the natal chart). That's how he showed people he cared. Sun sq Uranus at birth - And my parents separated when I was 6, due to my mothers illness and my fathers drinking.

I definitely have always been very independent (since parents separation) and I don't act like other people :p just me. Always been a bit different. My father and I had a friend like relationship unlike my siblings relationships with him. Perhaps that's the rebellion - I always told him what I thought, they never did. Maybe odd I am a lot younger than them but he always respected my opinion more.

I have been struggling on telling him how I felt about him before he died. and I did have time to do that the last few days of his life. But it was a struggle as I feel I didn't have time to tell my mom how I felt about her before she died.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge!