Need some insight "How does she feel about me?"


Question: How does she feel about me?

Story: There is this girl who had been friends with my husband ten years ago. She hasn’t seen us in ten years. She added me on facebook (my husband doesn’t have a facebook) and is being nice but I don’t really trust her. I think she is being fake nice to me. I knew her when my husband and I started dating and she would always go out of her way to hug him.
I am very new to horary, but here is goes.

Me-1st house Scorpio-Mars 2’41 degrees away from the 12th house
She-(I read that she would be 5th because she is my husband’s friend/acquaintance/old friend) 5th house Pisces-Jupiter is in 8th conjunct South Node & Venus
Husband-7th house Taurus-Venus 8th Conjunct her significator.

Does her significator show she has hidden hate for me? Her significator is conjunct South Node. Why is her significator conjunct my husband’s? Does she have hidden feelings for him? It’s been ten years since we last saw her.


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