Need help understanding karmic relationships/connection?


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I was wondeing if someone can help me understand karmic relationship/connection based on a synastry chart of two people? like how do you break it all down to understand why two people are back again and what to learn....

example: when someone natal Jupiter (2nd house) conjunct someone's South Node (12th house)

I read that if a person's personal planet conjunct your south node it usually means payback for the node person to get or play out from the planet person im not sure if it true or not.

I have a chart here that i have of one person's Natal Mars in Virgo (1st House) conjunct my south node in Virgo (7th house).

What methods or an understandable way where I can do more synastry charts and understand the Karmic connections and why and what are the lesson each person must learn, etc?

Thank You


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