need help, do I know him?


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ok, my question was 'do I know the person who I will marry?'

I know I saw similar threads before, but not sure what to look for, position of significator or aspects?

I am Saturn, and he-Sun is separating from Saturn - if I look at it that way, than it's a 'yes', we already met?
But if I look at his position in my 6th house, house that ascendant doesn't 'see' very well, then should it make a 'no'?

And one more thing is confusing. I am Saturn, and he is Sun, Sun is in Cancer, meaning the Fall of Saturn - this means it is someone not good for me? :crying:

but if I take Moon as my signicator, then he is in my House, which means it is someone who (will) like me very much
which is it? :confused:


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Interesting... but you asked Do I Know Him, and horary answers Yes or No.

The Moon doesnt make an applying aspect to the Sun. No.
Saturn doesnt make an applying aspect to the Sun. No.

So I would think its a No, sorry if thats disappointing. Maybe someone will come and give their input too.


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The Sun has just recently passed an aspect to Saturn, so yes, you have met him.
The moon's next aspect is to conjunct Jupiter, ruler of your 11th, so you'll most likely meet next in a group thing or in a friendship setting. :whistling: