Need guidance please..

Hi all, I would like to help my friend out on his life journey. Currently he is turning 31 tomorrow and his life is just not going too well.

He is still single and is having hard time finding love, let alone marriage, also he cannot get a stable job. He keeps losing his job which is putting him into using abusing alcohol/drugs and feeling depressive. He feels as if his life will never improve and is cursed. I was wondering if anyone could help me give him clarity on when his life can expect to improve?? I wnt to put his mind at ease and help him even a little bit.

Especially in regards to when he will have career success and when he will finally find love and get married?

Thank you all so much. Here is his birth information:

Name: Harjeet Sidhu
Birth date: April 19, 1989
Birth time: 12:30pm
Place: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


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His Mars is a very bad planet for him. Mars owns the tenth house from the ascendant of his profession and projects aspect to Saturn that owns the seventh house from the ascendant. This is the house of marriage.
From the Moon the seventh house is in Pisces and Mars has nothing to do with it. Since his major-period of Jupiter has started he can now get married without difficulty. This major-period will continue for the next 17 years from May/2016.
His career is in a bigger difficulty as Mars occupies the tenth house from the Moon. The tenth house from the ascendant is in Aries which is a sign of Mars.
Jupiter has nothing to do with Aries or the tenth house from the Moon. I expect his career to also improve in the major-period of Jupiter.
He is likely to earn very well in this period of Jupiter. He may sense a favourable change from the beginning of the next year.
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Cancer asc kanya rasi hasta nak .

Profession is good earnings are good . indeed he marry will get gains from wife .

so far he has been undergoing jupiter dasa who is 6th and 9th lord in 11th house of gains . which is obstructing gains . jupiter is in moon star that moon is aspected by saturn and mars which is reason for all depression and bad habits , hasta nakshatra is drunkard nakshatra , throughout their life they suffer from drug addiction . but highly skilled person . afflicted moon gives restless mind , person lacks peace of mind and to some extent may get lunatic problems . jupiter dasa lasts til 2038 so take care of him . but last phase will give some relief . his next saturn dasa is nice suddenly his life changes . but ill health prevails . no chances of living in home land , resides in some other place . 5th house of mind is also afflicted gives restless aggressive nature , mind is filled with negative thoughts , have self destructive tendencies . as far as profession concerned he will get private company job in forgein land , but that gives troubles . chances jumping from company to company . not satisfied with job and income . also he cant stay in one place for long time . wife aspects is good , he get monetary benefits from here , very supportive and caring towards husband , though at times have adamant quarrelsome nature, that wont affect overall married life in general , she too comes from distant land and diff culture . egoistic , independent , adamant , intelligent, authoritative , working , earning ,
tomboy type wife ! .

Career starts in 2022 , he gets good job suddenly in a unexpected way , as him to grab that . and if it goes well then marriage will happen in 2024 . mostly in communication field , sales , marketing filled with frequent travels .


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You friend has delay of saturn and jupitor along with other issues.

He might had neglected his choices in the past and not working now.
Things will be smooth after 2021.

Good luck