Near-Death Experiences & their Charts?


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I'm a huge fan of near death experiences and it resonated with me seeing your post. The story in the stars is constantly in motion, each 'event' in your life rides the memory of the transiting planets at the time. You still have the same stars as you did when you were born, but that's not to underplay the significance of the nde. You should submit what happened to you over at


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Dear Inline:
I really loved your post and I have been an avid fan of NDE stories for many years now due a life-changing experience of my own. I didn't die but I sure wanted to at the time. My mother and lover died within 2 months of each other when I was 25 years old. My mom was only 44 herself! But since that all-comsuming, gut wrenching dark night of the soul that lasted approx. 3 years and survived 1 serious suicide attempt, I distinguish myself as me before 1989 and the me after 1989. While I do not consider myself religious I am a strong believer in God, heaven, the power of prayer, reincarnation, etc.; things I now know to be true. I believe that God gifted me with wisdom and this knowledge came in a variety of ways. I believe that God speaks to us in numbers, and astrology being the perfect symmetrical science that it is, it doesn't surprise that the love of your life is combination of these 2 events! I believe that once someone goes thru something tramatic like us, we are forever "touched". We just need to listen.

Thank you for your inspiring story.:biggrin:

Blessings. Serafin5
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Below is my birthchart (Ann) and my NDE chart (Ann-acc) as well as the composite. If i compare the composite to my lover's Jx, Natal chart, something strikes me immediately... I've fallen in love with the personification of the midpoint of my Natal and NDE charts! In some way the combination of the two charts or each chart is a reflection of me, despite what my astrologer has said.
I don't beleive just because you had NDE that you can simply elect a 'new natal chart' how could you possible chose a 'time' for example. Your birth chart is very specific to you and you alone, as unique as your fingerprints and you cannot get away from it just due to NDE...

synastry is a whole different ball game prob best left to another thread.
what would have been helpful is if you posted your natal chart with progressionns and transits for the day of your accident/NDE??
progressed planets

progressed planets/charts are more 'internal' changes, evolvements rather than 'events or external' matters. I don't read prog charts as stand alones it's more important to see where these planets are moving in the natal chart

Your natal chart is like a photograph as unique as your fingerprint, BUT the 10planets in the sky have not stayed where they were in your natal chart, they have all moved. Predictive astrology is mostly maths where those 10planets are now and the mathematical aspects they make to your natal charts ie: 180'=opposition, 90'=square, 60'=sextile and 120'=trine.

So your personality, grows, develops, changes, matures as we get older, this is reflected by your sun sign changing from it's natal position to the next sign along, so does your Asc and MC sign change. In fact from sun to mars especially are important, as the outer planets really don't move much, using a 'day for a year' secondary progressions.

What's the difference between Transits and Progressions?
“Transits are the planets currently orbiting in the sky and the relationships they form to each other and additionally, to your chart. Transits happen for everyone. They're important and effect you personally when they contact a planet or point in your chart. Transits represent outside energy, things happening outside yourself. They describe external events and your responses to them. Progressions, however, move very slowly and are a natural progression of your original birth chart. The events and emotions they describe are part of you, deeply ingrained in your psyche, internal, and psychological. And as they form aspects, these inner feelings start to become more important and central to your life”

If you want to research more into Secondary progressions try here

The most important of progressed planets is of course, sun & moon and then upto mars, as the outer planets hardly move by progression. Now like with transits, solar arcs --- it's what these progressed planets are doing NOW by mathematical aspect to your natal planets and Angles that is ultimately important.

Also I would take this opportunity to mention there is a ‘plethora’ of information in every forum top, called 'stickys' which cover, explain in great depth what each forum is all about, plus we have an Education forum for further research..
Looking at this Prog /Tran chart of my NDE, ja:

T Uranus was quincunx my ACS and opposition T Chiron in 1st in Taurus (the neck). T Neptune was conjunct my natal Saturn in the 8th hse. I've also read somewhere that a T Neptune conj Saturn could indicate time of death, is this true? I'm not sure where i read this

No, death cannot be reliably predicted in a natal chart, so there is no set formula
Saturn and neptune don't really get alone and have tendencies towards depressions
Analysis of my NDE astrologically:

Studying the transits & the progressions of my birthchart (at the time of my NDE) some revealing aspects appear:

P Mars 16° Cap conjunct MC 16° Cap
P Mars 16° Cap trigon T Chiron 16° Taurus [prog mars is 'trine' t chiron]
T Uranus 22° Scorpio quincunx Natal ASC 27° Aries [your asc is 28'50" ie; 29' and T uranus was 7' off. I would have expected an exact conj not 7'off]
T Pluto 19° Libra square Prog Mars 16°Cap
Accident prone!

T Chiron 16° Taurus square Natal Chiron 17° Aquarius [I have heard of chiron being partculary involved in accidents per se]
T Chiron 16° Taurus square Natal Moon 19° Leo
T Chiron 16° Taurus square Natal Sun 15° Aquarius
T Pluto 19° Libra quincunx T Chiron 16° Taurus [this would have been active for *everyone* on the planet, so what was T mars doing? I see him as the 'ignition key']
I injured my neck (hairline fracture) in the accident, was hospitalized and required to wear a neck brace for several months (T Chiron in Taurus in 1).

T Jupiter 3° Virgo conj N Pluto 1° Virgo conjunct NDE ASC 1° Virgo[this is to do with family matters, expansion (jupiter) and poss legal matters]
T Saturn 20° Virgo square T Neptune 21° Sag [depression, fear of unknown]
T Neptune 21° Sag conj N Saturn 22° Sag (conj Galactic Ce 26° Sag)
The experience of the NDE was other worldly, expanding my consciousness and out of body. And the combination of Saturn and Neptune (conjunct & squared) can imply bad health or be death embracing.

''Charles E. O. Carter wrote the following: "It is a cardinal rule that no direction can bring to pass what is not shown in the nativity. Exceptions to this are virtually non-existent." Progressions to progressions and progressions to natal positions are most significant when the planets involved form a significant interrelationship in the natal chart itself.
The potential shown in the natal chart, therefore, rules.''

My Natal chart Kite formation using an Angle: Aspect configurations don't include Angles
N Mars 0° Cap trigon N Pluto 1° Virgo trigon N ASC 27° Aries [these are trine aspects, which are eash flowing energies, not really what you would look for in an accident situation]
N Mars 0° Cap & N Pluto 1° Virgo sextile N Jupiter 1° Scorpio
N Jupiter 1° Scorpio conj N DC 27° Libra/opposition N ASC 27° Aries
N Jupiter 1° Scorpio conjunct N Neputune 4° Scorpio
N Jup + N Nep conjunct N North node 4° Scorpio

A Kite formation using an angle, here the ASC, is not considered in traditional astrology to be a Kite. However, when considering the interpretation of the data around my NDE, i believe it is possible to astrologically interpret: a Mars/Pluto/Jupiter/Neptune/Nodes + ASC as likely to be indicative of the potential for an out-of-body or other worldly experience.

I'd be very interested to know if any of you have had a similar experience or know of someone who has had a NDE? Do you know what their astrology looks like?

Thanks for your help.

I think you are 'stretching things to fit a little here' and simply not everything can be seen or delinated in a chart, but the Angles should have been involved, what was T mars doing on that day? look for quincunxs not trine aspects


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I am trying find out the date of my NDE by back tracking. I was 14 when it happened which is all I know about the date. DOB Dec 11,1955 2:42 AM Tulsa.