NATO looking to destroy Serbia. NATO must be disbanded.


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EVERY country where NATO has 'intervened' has created MASS civilian casualties.😭😭
NATO is nothing more than a NWO military tool to carry on with the endless wars, giving profits to the
war-mongers, contractors & the bankers.
And to ensure no nation goes against their NWO agenda.

NATO needs to go, be disbanded. Period.

Kuwait-Iraq. .Bosnia, and Herzegovina. Kosovo-Montenegro- Serbia. are all nations where NATO bombed them back
to the stone age. They killed thousands of Serbians with their 'ethnic cleansing' agenda..☹️☹️

Looks like the viper's nest that is NATO looking to bomb Serbia 2.0.😌

Mmmmmmmmm......Methinks the western NATO alliance wants to completely destroy Serbia/Russia who are proud,
sovereign nations that don't bow or kneel to the corrupt & depraved NWO.

Russia and Serbia are both predominantly Slavic and Eastern Orthodox countries, which share a strong mutual cultural affinity.
The countries have been close allies for centuries; and the friendship between them has been strongly maintained.


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It’s amazing how many Europeans view today’s Balkans crisis with a 20 year old pair of glasses. The NGO dinosaurs in Berlin and Brussels don’t even know that the current issue is about mutually recognizing license plates & ID cards. This isn’t a Russian-made conflict.
This is another NATO problem!


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I am starting this thread to not hi-jack the Ukraine thread.

following comment previously on Ukraine thread
The west has more than meddled with Ukrainian politics from 2014 and even before. We have the receipts.

You sound hysterical, Waybread, Perhaps a nice nap would help?

The USA (and the West) should be considered the relative that can't come to a family gathering
without causing an incident, scene or conflict.
respect Alex for going to Belgrade at such short notice
This is exactly how
what has been started in Ukraine will escalate into WW3

slowly slowly one step at a time drawing other countries in .
The Chinese PLA is capable of defending their territory
but Serbia is not capable of facing NATO alone

Russia and China can do something
before it's too late
all looks like a '...repeated pattern...' :)

These attempts have one purpose : new wars, wherever possible.
Serbia suffered too much in the past and does not need any more conflicts.

Crimea was always Russian and Kosovo was always Serbia.
In 1954 Hruschov who was Ukrainian he gives Crimea to Ukraine during Soviet union.
And Tito Yugoslav president who was Croatian he gives autonomie to Kosovo in 1972.
But he didn't split Croatia in autonomie parts, like Dalmatia and Slavonie.
And he gives also autonomy to Vojvodina in North Serbia. What a coincidence.

Like they want to cut Russia in pieces,so they do with Serbia.
Kosovo...home to Camp Bondsteel, largest US base in the Balkans.

Described as a smaller version of Guantanamo by European Council Human Rights Envoy Álvaro Gil-Robles.
Kosovo...home to Camp Bondsteel, largest US base in the Balkans.

Described as a smaller version of Guantanamo by European Council Human Rights Envoy Álvaro Gil-Roble
United States and NATO: “...Kosovo independence GOOD...”
United States and NATO: “...Donets and Luhansk independence BAD...”

United States and NATO: “...Taiwan self determination GOOD...”
United States and NATO: ...“Crimea self determination BAD...”


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NATO Bombs Serbia Into Darkness

Jesse Jackson, Reuters
Jesse L. Jackson and U.S. soldiers, from left, Steven M. Gonzales, Christopher J. Stone and Andrew A. Ramirez cross the Yugoslav border into Croatia on Sunday. (Reuters)
By Daniel Williams
Washington Post Foreign Service

Monday, May 3, 1999;

BELGRADE, May 2 – NATO airstrikes on major electrical power plants blacked out Belgrade and large areas of Serbia tonight, hours after Yugoslavia released three captured American soldiers in what it said was a goodwill gesture. The attack dramatically brought the allied air campaign home to millions of ordinary Serbs.

A bomb hit the Obrenovac power plant in southwest Belgrade at about 9:45 p.m. (3:45 p.m. EDT), sending white and red sparks flying high into the air. Yugoslav officials said that Obrenovac supplies electricity to half the country.



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Yet, the O'Biden Fascist Regime gives exemptions to illegals crossing the border, the entertainment industry (who are all Libtards),
people in Congress, CDC, FDA, NIH. They don't have to get jabbed but a SERBIAN tennis player banned from playing!

Novak Djokovic backed by J.F. Kennedy’s nephew against Biden’s “tyranny”​

Novak Djokovic thanks fans for the petition on​



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This is ridiculous. Are you referring to the Serbia-Kosovo war of 1998-1999? This started as a protest, and then a breakaway movement by ethnic Albanians, who are predominantly Muslim. NATO/the UN went in as peace-keeping forces. You may recall Serbia using rape of Kosovo women as a military strategy, such that for the first time in history the UN declared rape to be a war crime.

Kosovo declared independence in 2008.

The tensions are flaring up again, this time among ethnic Serbians in Kosovo who refuse to accept automobile license plates and travel documents issued by the Kosovo authorities.

If history were a reason for any nation to just go ahead and launch a military invasion against one's neighbors, the US should give the southwestern states back to Spain. Britain would claim the Eastern Seaboard, and France would get New Orleans and Green Bay, Wisconsin.

It is just pathetic how little history some people know; including YouTube bloggers who know better.

Think, people, think. Recall the history of Joseph Stalin gobbling up eastern Europe at the end of WW2. He didn't bother to inquire as to whether Poles, Czechs, Lithuanians, Romanians, &c wanted to be under the Kremlin's boot. Why do you think Moscow's vassal states wanted to join NATO in 1991, vs. staying with Russia?

The bad news is that there is a NWO afoot-- and it is headed by one greedy Vladimir Putin, not western power brokers.


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The difference between Kosovo and Crimea is that:
Crimea has no historical ties to Ukraine
and it has been part of Russia since 1745 up to 1954 :)
where Nikita Khrushchev transferred it to Ukraine.

Kosovo in contrast has deep historical ties to Serbian history
ranging all the way back to 1280
(and except from the Ottoman period
and the under the two world wars it has been part of Serbia.

Most of the population in both cases
wants independence from respectively Serbia / Ukraine

The difference is that:
The Western powers did not want to let Crimea leave Ukraine
and they punished Russia for supporting the break away
Same western powers did not support Serbia in same way
to keep Kosovo from breaking away.
To the contrast, they bombed Serbia until they gave up Kosovo.
The only logic behind this
is double standards of the western powers and imperialism
because Kosovo is more part of Serbia than Crimea ever has been part of Ukraine :)

There’s no coincidence in geopolitics - all actions / escalations are intentional
this is a result of more U.S. meddling. Very dangerous and stupid timing
This escalation in Kosovo is a U.S/NATO classic. :)
You lose big time in a conflict in one corner of the world
and what do you do to hide your embarrassment and impotence
well you creat chaos in another part of the world
so to divert attention from the first one, in example Kosovo or Taiwan.

They just forget one crucial thing, the 90’s are since long gone
but the U.S political elites still live with that mentality
that they are the top dog on the block
not willing to accept the fact that there are a couple of new kids on the block
that are not putting up anymore with this bullying

and are more than a match for them



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Read up on Joseph Stalin's post-WW2 land-grab of eastern European countries. NATO responded to that. Figure out why none of Russia's former vassal states wanted to continue to lick Russia's boots after the break-up of the USSR in 1991. Maybe they knew something from first-hand experience about life under Russian boots.

Nobody except a bunch of hard-right America-haters pays attention to stupid memes and YouTube videos licking Putin's boots.

European countries are responding in various ways to Russia's oil blackmail. It won't be easy but, thanks to Big Brother Vladimir overstepping himself, the EU now understands the importance of their own energy security.


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U.S. led Nato is a WorldWide Socialist Fascist Communist Controlled Terrorist Organization. They go into countries and take them over and bully them, install a puppet government, then rob the country of it's resources.
Time to disband Nato once and for all.
It's no wonder that the rest of the world hates the U.S.

Kosovo NATO backed occupier declared on Monday morning that every Serbia is an enemy since 80% of Serbs support Russia.
Kosovo was founded after the 1990s to serve as a military hub for the west. The land was stolen from the Serbs and remains as an area that is very strategic to the NWO.
Kosovo instantly bought in NATO 'peacekeepers' (fascists) 15 mins after the anti Serbian operation earlier today.
This is yet another NWO/NATO plan to try to wipe Serbia off the map. ☹️☹️

Their president Vucic installed by the NWO yet doesn't want his people to be slaughtered. He has obeyed them like a traitor.
Will he be replaced now that he's standing up for his countryman by the NWO? Will they allow him to continue as leader if
he continues to be their puppet and stop the Kosovo invasion?



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Good videos JUPITERAC, esp from Alex who is there on the frontlines & from others who actually know what they are
talking about & how insidious NATO is.

Time to end the evil NATO cabal & allow europe to live in peace.
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WB appears completely unaware that the majority of the rape charges (100) were not founded on reality but propaganda by
US/NATO. Did it happen? Yes but on both sides. But of course, WB only presents the version that suits her from the NATO
propaganda machine. Rape has been used as a weapon in war forever. But because it includes members in NATO ...
& her own country of Canada.........then WB doesn't mention it. 😏

Allied soldiers — including Canadians — raped thousands of German women after WW2​

During the Kosovo fight for independence in 1999, KLA committed numerous war crimes including rape, torture, murder, particularly against the
People need to read a history book once in a while & not keep repeating the talking points of the NWO which WB does regularly.

KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) raped, tortured & murdered.
The Hague tried to bring the criminals to justice but it was very difficult to locate people, they had moved abroad, were too afraid to speak out.
There seemed to be no way to build cases against the large number of KLA members who should have been investigated.
The intimidation of witnesses was ubiquitous.

A ICTY Case Information Sheet reveals that Ramush Haradinaj, former KLA commander of Dukagjin Operational Zone, and elected Prime Minister of Kosovo, was indicted before the ICTY in 2005, charged with individual criminal responsibility for the crime against humanity of persecution (harassment, torture, deportation, murders, rape) and war crimes (cruel treatment, murder, torture, rape). The prosecution also alleged that he and two other KLA members were members of a joint criminal enterprise whose alleged purpose was to consolidate KLA control over the Zone by the unlawful removal and mistreatment of Serbian civilians and those of various ethnicities who were perceived as collaborators.

Salih Mustafa was Commander of a BIA guerrilla unit, which operated within the Llap Operational Zone of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).
Charged with 4 counts as a war criminal.

Kosovo’s President charged with crimes against humanity and war crimes before Kosovo Specialist Chambers

The majority of KLA criminals did not get indicted, did not get prosecuted, even for such crimes as illegal organ-harvesting
on Albanian pow. These monsters got away with their crimes because EU-NATO corrupt institutions protected them.

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"...NATO is not a defense alliance, it's a war machine.
Just ask the people of Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya...."
~Mick Wallace, European Parliament Member

The Serbs and Russia are patient.

They know NATO is in no position to pick another fight in the Balkans :)
and once EU and NATO power further declines
the Serbs will retake northern, mostly Serbian Kosovo.

It must be noted that Serbia has its own arms industry, can supply its military with good weapons



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“...Preventing all out war with Russia...” is such an important goal to NATO :)
that they trashed any diplomatic alternatives for months - make that “...years..”/"...decades..."
prior to Russia’s final option of military action

"...The conflict in Ukraine is the most dangerous moment for Europe since the Second World War
and Russia cannot be allowed to win..." said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg
during his speech on Utøya on Thursday.

"...He has a bad memory. :)
He has forgotten who won World War II.
History will repeat itself..." says Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council

reacting to Stoltenberg’s statement



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But yeah free all oppressed by NATO - 70% of the world nearly :)
free guantanomo all day every day Free assange and free Africa and looted nations worldwide
and invaded nations Free all political prisoners world wide



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When they say "...balkanisation.."
it means destroying real states
and making little, tiny statelets.

It was exclusively done to Serbia and Serbs on the Balkans. :)

All those territories that West created from Yugoslavia
were more, or less Serbian territories.
Kosovo belongs to Serbia.
North Macedonia was reclaimed by Serbia from Ottomans
and communists took it away
and West proclaimed it an independent statelet.

Bosnia was a Serbian mediaeval kingdom.
So-called Bosniaks are Serbs who took Islam.

As for Croatia, Slavonia, Dalmatia, Bania, Baranja, Lika, all of those are exclusively Serbian lands.

Montenegro was called Serbian Sparta until communists took over in 1944.
Serbs were dismembered in the 20th century and London, Berlin and Vienna created hatred toward Serbs
in these newly created artificial nations.
Even Albania has Skadar which was also a Serbian Mediaeval capitol for centuries.

So, to be balkanised is to follow the ugly fate of Serbs, which was brought by the hand of the West