Natal jupiter conjunct Lilith


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Hi; can someone speak about the traits of a conjunction between Jupiter and Lilith (personally it seems a non neglectable issue within my chart as i am Pisces Sun sq Sag Moon and also sq Sag Ascendant, and Jupiter is the only singleton...only planet in an earth sign-Taurus).

For instance, i just read about the relation between Lilith and the root chakra so perhaps something might be said about the root chakra and Jupiter (both Jupiter and Lilith are in the.6th house).

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flaire witch

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Someone in my family has this in Taurus and all I can say is, at times, extreme overindulgence. Jupiter exaggerates anything it touches so I'd look into the sign and aspects of your Lilith, and then just take that to the extremes. However I bet that you can actually gain a lot by embracing your Lilith, like a lot of blessings will come to you very quickly when the time calls for Lilith's power