Natal chart

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Hello. Please read my natal chart.
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I'm sorry I won't be able to tell you more, but there’s one thing that jumps right out, for me:

Neptune in the 1st house.

I won't talk about the good things like empathy, imagination... be ware of this influence when it comes to losing yourself in projections, daydreams, fantasizing. If you are in a creative profession like writing and you know how to channel this, great! Use it! If not try to be as rational as possible. Your ASC is Capricorn (and your sun in the 10th house!)so use that to ground yourself. Also watch out for drugs and alcohol (over)consumption. It can all feel to easy and harmless. It can be detrimental with this position.
Your 5th house:
Gemini with Mercury opposition NN, Sun and with Saturn...
You need to learn to be yourself, whatever that is, to express your true self no matter what. Try to cultivate positive attitude, warmth, optimism in general. Don' go with the flow when you are a part of the group, before you check your own feelings, attitudes and desires. Put yourself first in a healthy way. No matter what kind of upbringing you had - maybe someone kept telling you that you are too self-centered - in this lifetime you need to learn how to be an individual and not just a part of the group. This problem is further accentuated by Saturn in the 5th that blocks the expression of your individuality. So instead of giving in just work harder on it, the results will be amazing! Use the time before 30 (the Saturn return) to learn what you can in this arena. It will be easier after. If you want to express yourself creatively, don't forget that Saturn loves structure!
Opposition NN-Sun is also there to push you to work on your identity - the work from within.
Use the Saturn here as a friend who gives perseverance do not fight him buy trying to rush things and conform to outside influences, thinking that life will be easier that way. It won’t!

Good luck!

Hi. I have new questions.
Saturn in Gemini and Pluto in the 11th house. I read somewhere that these two factors can cause social problems. If so how long does it last for the native and how can it be cured?

Retrograde Saturn is in the fifth house and the sign is Gemini. Please read my fifth house too. Thanks.