Natal Chart Of Baby Kardashian-West


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Per the DAILY MAIL, the still-publicly-unnamed daughter of rapper Kanye West and reality TV star Kim Kardashian was born around 1:30am on June 15. She was born at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in West Hollywood, California. Astrologer Basil Fearrington has done a preliminary analysis of her natal chart:


Basil writes: "The first clear sign of trouble is the opposition between the 4th and 10th Houses between Pluto and Venus. ANY opposition in these Houses suggests parental concerns. To look for further corroboration, we want to look at the rulers of both Houses. The Moon, ruler of the 4th House is opposed by Neptune. And here is the show closer! Saturn Rx rules the 10th House. 85% of all horoscopes with Saturn Rx have a psychological concern that points to the father. He is either too aggressive, too passive, has an abuse problem, is absent because of the career, death, separation or divorce. What’s more, there is major tension in the Angular Grand Cross and this has to do with parental tension and problems with identity development because of it. Uranus squares the Pluto-Venus opposition."

Basil goes on to write that her Solar Arcs show that something life-transforming will happen to her to age 8.


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I know their baby was born 5 weeks before the due date but how could the child of Kanye West be born without Sun conjunct Jupiter aspect?:innocent::whistling:


I don't like the chart. Pluto in 10th house close to the MC, Moon in 6th, Saturn in the 8th, water Mercury in 4th, detriment Jupiter in 3rd, Neptune in 12th...

I guess that mimics her parents charts who have bad charts. Kim has Virgo Jupiter (detriment) and Kanye has Gemini Jupiter (detriment) conjunct Sun. Awful.


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People Magazine released a copy of the birth certificate and her TOB is 5:34 a.m. And yes, they really did name their daughter North West.

Her chart is similar to both of her parents.

The 12H Mars as the apex of a T-square indicates her Mom's uncomfortable pregnancy. Her Venus/Mercury squaring the outer planet Uranus-Pluto square: she could be a mouth piece of her generation... or she could just run her mouth lol. There is a lot of creative potential but also capacity for self-delusion. Ah, Neptune.

She has Moon/IC in hard aspect to Neptune and 12H Mars like her mother - enmeshment with family and not owning her own assertiveness. Unlike either of her parents her Moon is in Virgo opposite a Pisces Neptune.

The real downside here is Moon opposite Neptune on the parental axis, squaring Mars - an undertow of tension in the home. She will see her parents as very different people. She may idolize her father too much (Sun/Jupiter, Neptune/MC. Her Chiron on Kanye's Moon is sweet.) The 10H Chiron opposite 4H Moon seems like any full separation from either parent, especially the mother, would hurt her a lot. She really needs good role models for relationships with that 7H Pluto opposite Venus.


The chart set up looks so much better than having Aries rising. Unfortunately, her chart mimics her yucky parents and that's gross. It's to be expected anyway, since natal charts are hereditary.