natal aspects show someone who have high sex drive.


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Everyone's sex drive is different. If someone wants sex more than you do, you think he has a high sex drive, but he might think you have a low sex drive. It's normal for both of you. You just have to learn to compromise since this is a common problem amongst couples.


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I read an article about high energy people that they tend to have high sex drive also,but they are also the creative kind of people who get rich. About the chart now I was surprised to see virgo mars and venus and moon pisces and no scorpio,but then I remember a statistic in astrodienst forum I believe about sex offenders and serrial killers, the most of them had this two signs in sun,moon or mars in combination. I am not suggesting something about your husband of course but I want to say that this combination can bring a tension within a person I suppose. And not to ignore the 5th house is relathionship with kids?