natal and transits


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The last 18 months have been very hard for me.
my relationship broke up (4X), business failed, deaths of people i cared about, loss of friendships, sick physically and emotionally
I am just wondering what is install over the coming few months

thank you very much


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not very good at this but i noticed you have a lot of your planets in the 10th house, which is the house of failure supposedly. so maybe that has something to do with it? then there's planets in your 8th house which according to (just using as a reference) "is the house of secrets after all. It rules sex, other people’s money, taxes, debts, loss, and death"

so that could be why things are just generally sucking for you. i'm sorry!


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Thank you piffofthehippo
Can anyone tell me when things are going to get better for me?
I am really sad I didn't get my dream job today.


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Well I'm still novice but I have basic knowledge and plus I feel for u n u really wanna help as much as I can.

Some things that stick out to me is transit Pluto and transit mars are both going thru your 8th house. Maybe tht can explain why u feel so battle tested. Also transit Pluto is squaring your natal Saturn which can have some pretty tough challenges. It can stimulate loss and with Pluto ruling your 7th it can affect relationships of all kind including buainess. I'm guessing that the Saturn pluo square is weeding out relationahiips and other thugs that may be failing anyway.

Also Uranus is trine transit Uranus albeit loose, but with it ruling your 10th house it can signify a sudden career change? In its Natally in your 7th so maybe that can trigger an end to a turbulent relationship

I believe things will get better for u. The tough losses are first to go. This could be things that are holding us back at times or we are blind to n we just need to awaken. But if you can keep your head above water and tough this out you will be fine.

One last thing, Pluto has been extremely active for you especially in its own territory. You might have a time where your pain can turn compulsive and you do things b/c you have a compelling need to numb pain but this can also transform you.


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Thank you Money power respect,
what you say rings true especially the sudden end to my relationship and me being compulsive lol.