NASA debunks 2012 myths


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HI Everyone, The people making up the wild and crazy claims about "doomsday" in 2012 are grifters and liars.
Some want your money (BUY MY BOOK!) and some just want notoriety. The claims themselves
are nonsense. It is INSULTING to anyone with even a High School education in science that these
people are allowed to espouse and print such ridiculous lies. If I claimed that tomorrow the Sun would turn pink and bunnies would take over the world, you might
suggest that I seek psychological help, yet when someone like Patrick Geryl says that "streams of
positive ions will push the South Pole over making the Earth flip" like a pancake... or a crepe (he IS Belgian),
you hardly EVER hear anyone say "Is he forgetting to take his meds?" It is just silly! So often we hear people say "scientists say..." or "look at the evidence that civilizations collapse
every 3600 years" when NOT ONE of these people have ever even taken a science class. That much
is obvious. Please disregard any such statements and only treat claims with some citations as at all
likely. For example there is a nice NASA site in astrobiology which debunks nearly ALL the 2012
claims very neatly... and don't forget Penn & Teller! They show, with a healthy dollop of humor, just
how laughable all the hoaxers are.... I LOVED the guy with the styrofoam balls on the strings! Don't worry about 2012. Worry about your kids growing up to be sociopaths or not growing up
at all simply because you forget to buckle them in your car. Worry about the government selling
mining rights to big oil companies that want to drill for Natural Gas within a mile of old atomic
bomb tests. (If you live in Colorado... switch to electric stoves) There are plenty of real things to scare you in this world, you don't have to make anything scary up.
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Nibiru is the new, less popular 2012.

Nibiru's dust trail will destroy earth!?