Narendra Modi, India & immediate future 2017 +


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Narendra Modi, India & immediate future 2017 +
Born: 17 Sept 1950 @ 11a.m. in Vadnagar, India

One with fair knowledge of Palmistry will understand the quality of the thumb & the great palmar arch of Shri Narendra Modi! The inherent aptitude & energy of Shri Modi as a strong leader is lavishly displayed. The hand shape is that of a visionary!

When I was casually asked about the multiple election results in 2017, I mentioned after much calculation (unfortunately not in writing……alas) that 2017 will improve Modi’s self-esteem, beside leading to fructification of desires. Unfortunately, I disbelieved my own prediction!!
And hey presto! He won them majorly………!!?

Post 26th July 2017 I foresee, using divinatory methods that he will start coming out of the difficulties of demonetisation. Also that he would concentrate/focus on development financial growth sectors since Feb 2017.
This gestation period, which is like the seed not yet sprouted to the surface, finish between end July & Sept 2017; it’s when productivity starts to prepare showing itself. Thanks to the transiting Jupiter on the Arudha of the 10th house, aspecting the Arudha of the 2nd house laterally, coupled with the onset of mercury antardasa.

Mercury antardasa, as always, resumes from Saturn antardasa in Vimshottari. In Modi’s case both Saturn & mercury are deposited in the same star & sub, allowing that work is carried over, but in different dimensions.

And oh yes! Saturn with Mars has made the present very stressful for Shri Modi - A constant stress factor for him to deal with in 2017! Blame it on Rahu & retro Mercury!

At last Sept 2017 onwards is when his plans for growth is allowed to fast forward, being free of the rigours of demonetisation and other chains.
Successful progress in foreign policy which is cohesive to India’s interest; which comes along with newer financial avenues/areas, which was possibly initiated since the third quarter 2015 which also coincides with the onset of moon dasa in the India Independence chart.

Thus I would state 2017 to be the year having the quality of “Changing” or “what needs to change before the start arrives”, ushered by the difficult number 9. The last quarter 2017 being the ‘penumbra’ of the start….............................................

For now,
Ohm Gum Gurubhuyo Namah


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