Narcissists have thicker, denser, more distinct eyebrows, according to a new study


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"...according to a new study, published in the Journal of Personality, you may be able to detect a narcissist by focusing on one particular facial feature — their eyebrows."

"...results showed it was distinctiveness that was key — narcissists tended to have darker, thicker, more distinctive eyebrows."



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Wonder if this correlates more to the millennials, as their big trend is “brows on fleek.” They now do everything from surgical procedures that require taking hair from the back of the scalp and implanting it to the brows to filling their brows in thickly with pricy, chemical laden cosmetics to tattooing on brows to microblading (semi permanently inking wisps to resemble brow hair.)

Not sure if my theory holds but just throwing it out there.
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I was going to make a comment about when you say thick bold brows it correlates to certain ethnitices. The thickest most bold I can think of is hispanic and Latin people, most of which as a general rule of thumb are one of the most inviting people's in the world...


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I was always recognized for my eyebrows.... Lol...

I think genetics plays a large role.. I've noticed that a lot of middle eastern men have big dense dark eyebrows.

We have eyebrows and eyelashes to protect our eyes from sweat, or at least that's what I've heard. It makes sense that people that live in hotter climates would have denser brows to compensate? Whatever the case may be I've noticed that I do have some narcissistic tendencies, but I wouldn't say I'm a narcissist, and I'm definetly not selfish. I frequently go out of my way to help people. I'm not self absorbed.


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I think this research is based on the old proverb 'never trust a man whose eyebrows meet in the middle'. It was considered a sign of lycanthropy.