Mystery chart…Who am I?...


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Hi all,

I propose to everyone a mystery chart!
I am quite sure you don't know it because it’s a French personality.
No clue, but It’s a woman (naturally you can’t guess).

Plunge into the water! :smile:

-The first chart is for modern astrologers (Placidus and the outer planets)
-The second is for traditional astrologers (Placidus, 7 planets and some fixed stars)
-The third is the same but with whole-sign Houses


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Okay, I updated to offer several charts (according to preferences).

This personality is interesting for her career and personal life.


Is it the actress Muriel Robin? The amount of Leo in her chart would indicate a high need of recognition and attention plus a flair of the dramatic. And all the leo in her chart and sagittarius would indicate a very masculine energy hence I thought she might a lesbian which would fit into an interesting personal life. Lesbian actresses born between 1942 and 1956 are very uncommon (since her neptune is in libra). Just a theory I have.
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You are right Scorpbaby, it's Muriel Robin.
She is mainly a popular humorist, and as well she is a good actress.
She is also lesbian, and about her health she suffered from depression for a long time (with several hospitalizations). Her personal life was very unstable.

I hoped that it would be more difficult to find :smile: