My Saturn mahadasha is coming to an end. How to proceed?


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Dear members,

My Saturn mahadasha is about to finish. What can I expect from the next 17 years during Mercury mahadasha? Especially in love/relationship field?

My birth details:

Budapest, Hungary
June 2nd, 1984
7:15am (Daylight saving time)

Thanks for your help and advice.
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Mercury is in eleventh house being ascendant lord, supposed to give good results, only time to be watchful during the sub period of Mars or Saturn, because this may minimize positive impacts of this Mahadasha.
Overall period of 17 years will be decent.


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Your Mercury major-period after the end of Saturn major-period will start on 11/December/2019. It will continue for 17 years.
Mercury is the owner of the ascendant and fourth house in the chart and it is in a navamsha of Jupiter. Therefore it is a good planet. Its nature is somewhat altered due to the aspects of Mars and Saturn on it.
Mercury major-period should be favourable. You will have a long term relationship in this major-period. Since Mercury represents the self when it goes to the eleventh house of the chart it shows that you will have more success in life and your wishes will be fulfilled. You will work harder for success in life.


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Thank you very much for your reply.

The transition between Shani and Budh... Will it be slow and smooth or quick and storm-like?