My relationship is over


Dear members, my long term relationship unexpectedly ended today. I suspected third party messing in, and when tried to talk about some info I got, he got mad and took all his stuff and left. I am still in shock.
All I can do now is search for transits that triggered this. And wondering is this the very end. If so, what to hope for further?
I can see tr.Jup. opposing nat.Merc.
Tr.Nept. conj.nat Asc.
Progressed Moon close to IC.
Please I would appreciate every feedback


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Jupiter is activated for you this month, hence why this has happened. Transit Jupiter in Taurus has today opposed your 7th ruler, Mercury in the 8th house of debt. So, was this break up to do with money, debt, possessiveness/greediness?

Also, your 7th ruler mercury in the 8th is afflicted by Jupiter in your natal chart, which is another reason why this transit from Jupiter opposing Mercury has triggered something.

If you can give some clarification we can dig deeper.


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Interesting....transit Jupiter is opposite natal mercury as well as Transit Mercury being opposite natal Jupiter...all occurring simultaneously.

Venus is also about to go Retrograde in Leo. Probably going to be disagreed with on this, but I usually see retrograde themes in action at least 2 weeks before the planet stations retro. Venus retrograde is kind of notorious for breakups, be they romantic, platonic or business related.


Thank you both for your reply.
No, I believe there is no money involved as a matter of argument.
I have noticed his absence, in mental term, from relationship. He didn't want to talk about what's bothering him.
I am a bit confused that mention transits brought this change in a flash. It just might brought to the surface things that were boiling under and happening hidden from me.
There is tr.Jup involved, should it protect? And asc, it seemed more subtile transit than this. And progr.Moon on Ic...
He is gemini, virgo asc. Tr.Jup is conj.his nat. Merc, oppos.nat.Saturn and Mars in Scorpio. His ruler of his asc and MC. And in his natal 5th house is trine nat.Merc and sextil Mars and Saturn. Progressed Moon just passed his progr.Asc.
So, a lot of Jup.and Merc.both sides.
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Hi Scorpi

Sorry to hear about this painful event taking place now.

For such a big event there have to be quite strong symbolism involved in several systems
of prediction.

Transiting Neptune on ascendant, squaring MC in the process.
This is a big one that sets everything on hold, the Neptune way of messing things up
having to search for faith and stability.

Transiting Saturn quincunx Natal PLuto in 7th
Transiting Uranus sesquisquare Pluto in 7th
( not in strong orb now but is present in process as the aspect
have been exact and will be exact again later on...ongoing.

Two transits directly affecting Pluto in 7th house is a sign of change in personal relationships. Could as you say
reflect some deeper issues coming to light in the process that follows....
Transiting Saturn in 12th could be a time of being a bit lost. The end of a cycle. In quincunx to pluto indicating
some aspect that 'leave' which involves secrets and relationships.
Uranus aspecting Pluto can also give sudden changes.
Since Pluto is affected you are asked to go deep within and process material within you that you meet through others.

Progressed Moon on IC and conjuncy progressed Mean south node can symbolise things about your roots and home.
the foundations. That comes up through this event.

Solar arc Pluto conj Sun
The solar arc direction that seems to corresponds to this event is 7th house Pluto conjunctiong sun in 8th house,
setting forth deeper issues that can be related to relationships and shared resources. Changes in identity.


Is it possible to see through my chart if this change is permanent or temporary?
Tr.Jup.will oppose nat.Merc. 2 more times. ruler of IC and DC, besides it sits in 8th. conj.nat.asc. and square nat.MC.
SA Pluto passed conj.nat.Sun in 8th and SA Jup passed conj.nat.asc.
So, it seems all angles are activated.
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