My Reading on the Saturn Transit


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Saturn is the planet of restriction and is currently in Aquarius we can say that the qualities of Aquarius will be restricted:

1.) Aquarius is an air sign. Saturn is restricting the air here. I would expect a loss in quality of the Earth's air. Also breathing has been restricted - think mask mandates.

2.) Aquarius rules the ankles, calves and circulatory system. You could expect these parts of the body to be affected. A lot of people who have gotten the jab have had blood clots, heart attacks, sluggishness etc. Also watch out for the very back teeth on top and bottom. In tooth reflexology, these teeth are connected to the circulatory system.

3.) Aquarius is humanitarian. You might see lack of aid, generosity, people being more stingy, not necessarily out of greed but because of financial trouble.

4.) Aquarius rules over electricity and technology. Be careful of malfunctioning tech, computer hacks, power outages etc.

5.) Aquarius is currently in the third decan which is ruled by Gemini.

a) Gemini rules transportation, cars. The price of gas is going up and people can't afford to travel as much.

b) Fast food is also Gemini. you might see a lot of fast food chains having more trouble.

c) Gemini is very communitive. Communication might break down. It is also restricted. You can tell by how censor crazy social media, MSM and Youtube etc. are.

d) Gemini rules the arms, shoulder, hands which might be restricted in some way from injury or maybe arrests (handcuffs). Gemini also rules the lungs- again, think mask mandates, restricting breathing.

Saturn in the second house Saturn is currently in the U.S. second house. Second house is capital, indulgence, extravagance.

1.) It's obvious the financial system has been drying up and many middle class Americans are losing wealth and facing a lower standard of living.

2.) I don't know the houses of other countries but because many countries are connected to the U.S financially, they might experience similar problems.