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I'm trying to interpret my nodes. I'm having some trouble understanding precisely what it means.

My understanding so far is that the node is the actor, the house is what kind of thing it acts in, and the sign the house is in suggests the nature of the "thing'.

so in this case it would be an unconventional, original approach to creativity, or to creating things. The nature of those creations would be business or money type, in which case I am to refer to the MC, correct?

I'm confused.

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Any help would be appreciated


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What do the nodes signify?

Do the nodes "act" as the planets do?
They are not bodies but abstract points. They have no substance as the planets do. Therefore, they must be of a different nature than the planetary bodies.

And the nodes are axial: there are always two of them at opposing points of the zodiac.

In the chart you present, Jupiter is conjunct the South Node in the 11th, but no planet is near the North Node.

The nodes in this chart are ruled by Sun and Saturn. I wonder what effects can be asceertained by a study of the lords of the nodes.

Why would the "creativity" be of "a business or monetary type"?

In the astrological literature, the nodes are poorly defined. Western and Hindu astrology treat them differently, for example. Which brings us back to "What do the nodes signify?"


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Jupiter = benefit, benevolence, blessings, expansion, education, ethics, growth, justice, judgement, mentorship, morals, philosophy, spirituality.
Leo= admiration, children, creativity, confidence, drama, dominance, love, playful, sincerity;
the polarity between Leo and Aquarius is about promoting the Self, vs collective actions that serve the All. Leo wants to be admired and acknowledged personally, while Aquarius uses it's individuality and independence to be an inspiration to others and is often drawn to humanitarian goals and purposes. Fire is about self-expression for the sake of the self; Air is about socialization and networking with others in altruistic ways.
South Node= things that need to be purged from within, in order to make progress in the outer world.
The Nodal axis is about balancing, between the past and the future, and represents the law of cause and effect; SN is about how you have been influenced by your past [karma] by others, and the NN is about gaining autonomy as an individual agent through self awareness. The theme plays out between the 5th and the 11th H axis.
Jupiter rules the IC=family, parents and your personal origins [in terms of how you were raised], emotional reactivity as directed through the psyche.
Moon rules the 11th, but in Aquarius tends to be rather detached and aloof emotionally. You are meant to grow/expand in humanitarian awareness, rather than working solely for yourself. NN with the Moon is about progressing in terms of understanding the meaning and purpose of emotions, and using them appropriately to gain the response you want from others; if you remain too detached, you may miss out on important relationships. Just some thoughts, and of course there are many permutations that may arise in every individual case. You have to determine how such themes could be relevant in your own life. Just some thoughts to consider:smile:


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I see... sort of. I am at a point in life where I don't feel capable of much, not as much as I used to be.

It seems as though no matter what I do, when I try to do something, it fails inevitably. I've become very pessimistic.

I don't really, honestly know what to make of your summary, but I am at a point where I feel a bit like my life is cursed. I don't have anything to offer people personally. When I pursue things that I believe my nodes, MC etc., indicate strongly I hit walls and get doors slammed in my face.

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Feb 14:[FONT=Andalus, serif][/FONT][FONT=Andalus, serif]Sorry if my summary seemed was meant to give you keywords to help you put the picture together for are certainly not alone in feeling at a stalemate, as this seems to be a common theme for the many, due to current changes that relate to the global shift now taking place. Things that hold you back relate to the SN: for you it has to do with emotional upheavals and how you react to them...feelings of lacking freedom, being dependent on the system, and falling into ruts. Such reactions to what happens to you diminishes your sense of confidence in the world, your sense of joy and mirth, your ability to freely express your love and your creative ability, which are the things you are aspiring to. Your Moon/Pluto suggests emotional turmoils or traumas from the past which interfere with that sense of I Can Do It. Alas through this venue there is a limited amount of info we can provide and it takes time to thoroughly decode what your chart is trying to tell you. One thing that seems clear is that you are naturally rather introverted and withdrawn which makes it difficult to engage and compete in the outer world. Part of the dilemma is that your mind [Mercury]is also afflicted by the Nodes allowing you to fall into mind traps and negative thinking. Your mind tells you to feel certain ways, while the Moon reflects your true emotional reactivity. It could be that disconnect between the mind and the emotions that confuses you. Uranus has also been in a transit that totally challenges you about your Identity and sense of autonomy , and this too can be a highly limiting trap. Please feel free to PM me:smile:[/FONT]


hi ya

your saturn/moon midpoint is loosely conjunct your north node. this will give you emotional feelings similar to a moon/satrun square soemtimes. this is the pessimism and depressive feelings you have.
as you note your jupiter is loosely conjunct the south node . this is an aspect of expansion. it tends to give oppotrtunities in eduactionally and economically . but here with the moon/saturn midpoint opposed, you will tend to find all your plans and opportunities besieged by obstacles and hindrances. these dynamic show that hard work and discipline is necessary to reach the goals presented to you.jupiter with the south node can give make opportunities jump out of you, but when you embraces them, difficulties arise that you did not forse or expect.

recently you have passed through these vibrations.

in september 2013 the noda;ll axis square your jupiter, so this was a time of expansion and oppotrtunities to be presented to you. but as time passed the noda; axis was square to your moon/saturn midpoint at 2aqu34. this occurred on jan 28 2014. so now fruistrationand hinderances overwhelmed you.of course their are other influences in this period but a generally things went from good in sept to bad in jan.