My mom's very very ill. Would appreciate any insight.


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She is ill for years, and not for any specific problem. One problem ends, another starts, it ends, the first one revives. There is mental as well physical complications. And now, the doctors are alarmed.

We have been to doctors all those years, blindly followed their instructions, and now she is probably suffering from sepsis, and the doctors are still confused !!!

Not to mention there have been sudden bouts of luck and sudden bouts of extreme misfortune.For example- we need to do a test urgently, and every pathological center is closed tomorrow.

Consulting allopathic doctors will still be our prime course of way- but I want to take some second opinion of medical astrologers. Any help would really,really be appreciated.

Please keep her in your prayers.

P.S- Her birth time is rectified by someone I trust a lot. Alas, He is taking break from astrology.


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I'm sorry to hear about your mother. From what I can see of her chart -

She will be experiencing and likely has been, the effects of transiting Neptune approach to her 6th house cusp, and the 6th being the house of chronic health issues.

Neptune usually brings along questions as to the reason for the illness - always a fog surrounds Neptune illnesses. Is it this bacteria, or that one? At least that is what I've experienced. Finally, clarity will come but it takes awhile and lots of tests.

Her natal Mars is in Cancer (tropical ) the sign of its Fall, so a weaker physicality.

You spoke of her luck and lack of it at times, which should be noted that Transiting Jupiter is square natal Jupiter and square to her POF. That may be also what she is experiencing for she was born with her Part of Fortune square Jupiter both at the 0 degree mark.

If I were you, I would put her natal chart on the Vedic Board along with a Vedic Chart as I feel they are better at answering your questions regarding her health and how soon she may be better.


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Thank you so much, it was very very kind of you...

I went through the sites superficially, all Neptune-related problems indeed-including immune diseases and misdiagnosis.

It is scary, because Neptune will remain in 6th for a long time.

I would be posting this in the Vedic board.

My gratitude to you. Please keep her in your prayers.


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Hello passiflora,

I have been suggested that before. The main problem here is language. She is not good at English, and its not likely that any competent medical astrologer would know Bengali. I guess mail conversations can be arranged, only if the medical astrologer agrees to go through the trouble.

The closest person in her life is me, however obviously there would be issues hidden from me, and maybe even hidden from her. It would have been so good if this language barrier could have been addressed !!! please let me know, if there is any way.

In case if there isn't, can medical astrology help us no more? I am really really worried about her... A very kind guide has told me there is nothing to worry, but when you are a son, and your mother is sick for years, you are still confused !!!

Thanks for reaching out to me, any further insight would be really appreciated. Thanks again, somehow the "beautiful" in your post was healing to me, haha. Pray for her.
If you look at the medical forum of Astroweekly now, you will find various people with various ailments. This is hardly surprising, as they were born at various times with planets in various positions, but about ten years ago, there were half a dozen members complaining of a sepsis of the skin. This was a hint that the ailment was due not to a combination between a transiting planet and a radix planet but to a combination between two transitiing planets, affecting everyone at the same time. In fact Chiron was overtaking Neptune, so they were in conjunction.

Pluto is now opposite Chiron's position at your mother's birth, so her immune system is being affected. For reasons I could explain, organs regulated by Venus are greatly affected, and those regulated by Uranus are affected to a lesser extent. If astrologers are right in claiming that Venus regulates the kidneys, these are a prime target for the sepsis. Uranus tends to regulate periodic contractions and thus peristalsis and blood circulation.

Like other planets, Pluto moves to and fro as seen from the earth and is moving forward so slowly that it will be in opposition to Chiron's birth position five times altogether on the following dates:
09 04 2021, 18 05 2021, 25 01 2022, 17 08 2022, 28 11 2022.
The first two dates are the closest to each other, showing that Pluto hardly moved on before moving back, so the worst period may have been from the start of April till the end of May, but if your mother is still in a bad state, you are welcome to send me a private message.

P.S. I am not sure why birth times should be corrected, as nature is quite good at choosing her own times, but as long as the 'correction' was no greater than a couple of hours, my calculations remain valid.


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Is that your mum's real name ?

31 + 31 = 62

4 + 4 = 8

4 - Uranus/Rhau

8 = Saturn, the Great Malefic

Maybe take here to a numerologist .

Her full name is under Saturn.

Both her name and surname are ruled by Uranus or Rahu, which will definitely clash with Saturn.

Possibly a change of name - the way she writes it, her initials, how people call her, may help.

Note too her Saturn is directly opposite Mars, arch enemies.

Mars - 9

In both Indian and Chaldean numerology, the coming together of 4, 8 and 9 is catastrophic.