My Job *Start Date*: Will I Be Fired?


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Will I Be Fired?

For some reason, I only paid attention to the direction of Mercury before I started my job. Big mistake! There is one boss that likes me, one that doesnt and behind-the-scenes (Neptune) secrets. I am constantly seen as breaking the rules.

Since May, this has happened and most of these saboteurs seem to be in my 12th house, although the ruler of my open enemies is Jupiter in the 10th. The offer no help/Moon:

1. (The "Supervisor") My new boss is new to a management role and was given the role simply because he has been there for 8 years. I have held this type of position for years and am obviously overqualified, feeling stifled under his "leadership" which is basically just daily criticism for small tasks. I took the job because I was in transition and really needed it. This boss is incredibly competitive and really has it out for me. He is passive aggressive and makes the job feel bi-polar (one day up, one day everything is chaos). It's obvious he wants me to quit. I sense he is bi-polar or is using drugs.

2. (The Friendly) The founder of the company really likes me and helps me in any way he can. He works from home because he recently appointed a (younger) CEO. I don't get much face time with the Founder, who is an engineer and calls the shots (Saturn in Aqua). I sensed that he pushed management to hire me. It is an engineering firm. My biggest hope is that the shenanigans of my supervisors will be revealed.

3. (The "Nymph") The marketing coordinator (female), straight out of college is also very threatened. There has been an alliance created between her and my inept supervisor. She goes above and beyond to sabotage anything I create or suggest. I sense something is going on that is scandalous with her and the top brass.

4. (The "Tech") The tech is the only person who helps me get the data I need to do my job. He has been helpful as I secretly use it to create prospecting roadmaps. If I am successful, it will be due to bringing to light (Sun) their data issues/Uranus and helping to transform them which I am very motivated to do (Mars) in order to generate more revenue/2nd.

I believe the 9th house may show foreign travel (which hasn't happened yet) or using my marketing/PR/publishing skills somehow if people ever stop telling me "NO." My supervisor and the new CEO (who are friends) seem to be watching my every move ready to pounce.

I sense that I will not be there too much longer. What do you think? And, will I quit or be fired? Any other comments are welcome. Thank you!


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