My inlaws keep effing with me


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My inlaws treat me like I dont matter. They act like my opinions and views mean nothing and that I dont know anything. They are constantly undermining me when it comes to my kids as well. They treat their other daughter in law 100 times better and she is pretty much the boss of the family. Are they ever going to stop effing with me and treat me like I deserve to be treated? I never fight with them and always respect them. Their other daughter in law treats them so bad and uses them but they never say anything to her. She is from the same community as them while I am not.

Will relations ever change or am I going to have to say goodbye to them for good in order to keep my sanity?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I fear their behavior will affect my kids and marriage..

I posted in vedic section too but I would like two different interpretations.


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