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Can someone please have a look at my chart and tell me if I should accept a job offer at this point in time. I am currently employed, but the new offer looks tempting. I am not sure what to do. Does my chart indicate anything positive as to employment change?


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Only you can know how you feel about your present position and what opportunity this new one promises. Astrology does not provide a fail safe life, you cant escape the experience. Sometimes the worst in life can be life changing setting us on the path to fulfillment, yet if we knew before we would not chose that experience for ourselves. So cultivate joy and gratitude in all that you do, and life will feel different even if the events are the same.

Having said that saturn is conjuncting your sun and MC....saturn is a teacher sometimes through limitation which is why saturn is feared.... yet is could signal a position of authority.

Mercury is your MC ruler in the 10th... so again that picture of authority is emphasised, with added flavour of law and justice.

Find your joy and make your decision... as astrology cannot take responsibility for our life no matter how much we wish it would sometimes..... at the same time it is much better that way.