my friend.. is he dieing?


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I'm very concerned about a friend of mine, I have a feeling something is terribly wrong both healthwise and sadness

He isnt the type to speak to people about whats troubling him and the only one he opens up to is me if he does at all. He is bipolar disorder and when he gets depressed he gets terribly depressed, ironiclly I'm the only one can tell, everyone around him thinks he's tired. He's told me he does this when he's horribly depressed

two years ago he has something wrong with his chest, in acting class his tempature rose and you could see him in pain. the next day he mentioned something about a tumor and a false alarm. We've been through a lot together and have been best friends for almost 4 years. he's been fairfax, a mental hospital, I've been there too,

two months ago I called him and asked to see whats going on, then he told me he's talking to surgens, but he mumbeled, then I asked him if he's okay and he compleatly changed the subject right off the back. I know something is wrong I've had several dreams where I see him in pain. The most intense dream was when he called me and tried to talk to me but the phone kept buzzing I couldn't hear him.. I saw him on the other end and his lower body was paralized in some way, his girlfriend was screaming and crying on the other end and she kept trying to reach me. I had trouble hearing her.

He's my best friend and I'd do anything for him and I know somethings up. I'm very concerned. for the past several months It's been difficult to speak to him due to my busy schedule. he's messaged me on aim telling me how much he's misses me and how bad he feels that he hasn't had anytime to hang out anymore. Lately I've considered moving on from my old group of friends for a number of reaons but I'm wondering if he'll be okay without me.

I've thought about branching off

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heres his birthchart I know he's a saggiatrius rising and has moon in cancer as well.



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I'm really sad to know you're going through all of this.

I don't think this chart is fit for judgement.The rising degree I'm getting is VERY early(0º52'Cancer),not to mention the Moon is also VOC,at the fate degree,conjunct the Ascendant.All the angles are at the fate degree.It's very premature to tell,as the early Ascendant tells that there will be more developments in the matter...the VOC Moon,on the other hand,tells that NOTHING will come out of the matter.Overall,it's too early to say anything.

Call your friend and ask him how he's been doing,if the doctors said anything,etc.I really hope your friend is OK and that nothing happens to him.

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I've tried but it's no use.. he puts up barriers around him and theres nothing you can do.. now that I read his chart your right he's probably cancer ascendent..