My father is ill and he almost fainted


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Yesterday at around midnight, my father couldn’t walk by himself and had extreme dizziness. He’s doing much better now after taking him to the emergency. I’m curious if there are any transits that show how or why this happened
Here’s my transit


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Your father has Sun in Virgo, Saturn is transiting his 6 house , and daily routine.
Saturn is transiting the cusp of his second house, not his sixth.

Saturn transits are long transits. Fainting is an acute symptom: quick to come and quick to go. Unless he has an underlying chronic illness connected with the fainting, it wouldn't be a Saturn transit thing.

Furthermore, this is the OP's birth chart, not the father's. Nobody with Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius is old enough to have a child (unless they're a teenage parent), let alone a child who's old enough to use the internet.