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I just read the Draconic Chart theory from astrologist Cyril Fagan, which believes that Lunar Node = 0° Aries!!! That is amazing! And my sun move from Leo to Libra! Well, I am really fair in daily life.


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My opinion is that the meaning of the shifted positions of your planets to different signs now on Draconic instead of your natal per say has no importance as the position of them related to the NN.

The real issue in Draconic charts is whether if the planets are helping you get to the NN task/destiny or not.

Fairness would be more related to your t square of mars pluto and sun on top, sun being the target, sun in leo is noble, is one of the best positions for the sun btw. Also fairness due to jupiter venus. Just some guesses though. Also NN near 9th house would lead you to law and rightfulness. And everything touching saturn also points to being dutiful and righteous, mars-saturn, sun-saturn, but with pluto you can rebel, and sesquiquadrates from uranus to sun and mars also rebels, and you can externalize it or have trouble externalizing it.
Mars mercury is organized and maintains you calm and makes it easy to talk forcefully and directly
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