my daughter's marriage prospects


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all regards,

if i could seek expert insights into marriage prospects for my daughter - done chemical engineering and just completed MBA doing a job now :

1st Aug 1985, 11.00pm, tenali/india
mesha lagna, makara rasi, dhanishtha nakshatra, vrishabha navamsa

how are the marriage prospects in jupiter-jupiter dasa jupiter transit 3rd from the moon pisces, or later. would saturn/ketu in the 7th delay marriage further. how would be her married life in terms of happiness and prosperity,
saturn/ketu in the 7th, 7th lord venus in the 3rd, mars debilated in the 4th, mars/saturn aspecting each other and in square in 4/7 houses, jupiter karaka for husband debilated in capricorn, sun-mars-saturn-ketu in the kendra said to form sarpa yoga.

what nakshatras/lagna would be suitbale for dhanishtha/rakshasa gana factoring her planetary placements too and the current jupiter dasa - how would uttarashada, sharavana, satabhisha and swati stars be for her. any other best possible star matching her profile. what countering factors would be needed while selecting a horsoscope for her. how is the mangalya yoga.

would she be able to continue working after marriage - pursue profession. what nature of groom and his profession would she be able to attract and the kind of family she would get married into and her happiness there. would the groom be from the surrounding region, far south in the birth place, or could from foreign lands too. is it time to search for a groom or wait.

how are her career prospects in the immedite future and long term. could not get proper placement now.

seek valued insights from the learned members on this forum and the astrocounsel in terms of her prospects of a happy marriage, match factors for her, pitfalls to be avoided, most appropriate time frame for her marriage in terms of dasa and the transits.

all thanks in advance - time permitting,

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humbly seek learned responses for guidance and counsel,

all regards and thanks,


ps : expert opinion on matching male/female stars, whether female to female or male to male technically permissible or to avoid and the reasons.

whether 2/12, 6/8 signs to be avoided both in the case of the moon signs as well as the lagna or for the moon only

mutual dasas permissible or to be avoided say jupter dasa vs saturn dasa etc

whether the gochara at the time of considering the match or marriage soon after to be considered or ignored and only natal matching to be done - saye ketu transiting venus or rahu over ketu, etc

whether the charts to be matched planet by planet say rahu over the others sun etc and whether to be avoided

any other appropriate guidlines in the context,

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usually accurate to hour birth times are not correct and need some adjustment.

in this case, since she's your daughter, if one of your ruling planet is venus, then we can assume TOB to be right.

then she will get married in jup-sat bhukti between apr 2011 - oct 2013.

more precisely it will happen when jupiter transits first two constellations of aries(aswini and bharani from may 2011)

you may pick any groom for her and he will have ruling planets of mercury, sun, rahu, mars, saturn (atleast 2 from this list)

if 7th sublord is sun(TOB assumed correct), groom will come from east direction to your house

He will be tall, not too thin, fair colored(reddish tinge), and will be working in some technical field


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Shri Virinchi,

indeed so kind of you to have taken the time to respond to this thread.

thanks for pointing out the birth time factor - i checked up the old records and found that the time noted at the time of her birth as told to us at that time was 11.10pm, do not know when and why it got changed to 11.00pm.
she is fair with good looks and slim and faces regular abdominal severe pain. has done her chemical engineering/2007 with one year break followed by completing MBA-marketing this year mid-2010. she has been academically good enough throughout. likes to listen to music and sing a bit for herself. drives the scooter well with speed and balance.

in case you could guide us considereing 11.10pm as the time or with some furthre adjustment if need be, any basic variations in her marriage prospects and the needed counsel. ofcourse the navamsa lagna could change too.

if could kindly guide on whether dhanishta female with satabihsa female or other female stars with matching points/gunas is fair enough or need to be avoided, as this is bothering and confusing me - with various interpretations available or marriages between male/male or female/female stars/nakshatras. do not know if the shastras have any authentic reference to the male/female stars while marriage matching. and whether the gochara of the two matches is to be considered while matching or only the dasas. and whether the planets are to be matched planet by planet say rahu over the other's sun or sun over the other's rahu etc and the impliciations.

astrologers seem to be discouraging such queries and focus more on the gunas achieved and the rashi koota and graha maitri only for marriage matching, saying otherwise it will be too difficult to fix a match.

seek your learned counsel again, time permitting at your earliest convenience - thanks in all anticipation,

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In this Scenario, Mars is aspecting Saturn but Saturn is not aspecting to mars. Saturn in 7th indicates, groom is well educated, but posses bit angry tempo, mars is also aspecting 7th, Eventhough Mars is in 4th and Deb. it will give her good results, ofcorse she will be having happy marrige life, and there is much chanses she will work after marrige too. but yeah ketu in the 7th and rahu in the first, not provides good results, ketu will give some ill ness to groom, even Jupiter deb, in 11th house give mixed efect., she will be very welthy and powerfull. you must not much worry about her marrige,