My daughter's chart - what will she be like?


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My daughter was born on Sunday morning. Just for fun - what will she be like? :love:


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My daughter was born on Sunday morning. Just for fun - what will she be like? :love:

I'm still learning transits and angles, but can make quick assessment based on her sun, moon, and rising.

3 earth signs for those! With Capricorn sun AND rising, and a Virgo moon would say she will be responsible, ambitious, diligent, hard-worker! Dead-pan humor. A seriousness about her. Gives the impression confident and almost aloof to others. Busy, forward moving mind. I would be afraid to do her wrong! Lol she will not forgive or forget! Doesn't mean she will cut you off always, but she will definitely have a guard up. Takes pleasure in nurturing and caring for others. She will go above and beyond for those she loves and her career. She expects her friends and family to go above & beyond for her also. All that earth will make her feel in tune with nature. Though even on vacations she would prefer to hike, explore, experience culture, learn something new rather than sleep in all day. She will have to learn it's ok and necessary to rest sometimes. Even if she has to PLAN when she will rest haha

As her mother maybe helping to teach her how to relax. To enjoy the moment and be ok with where, and who she is right now. And to remember that behind that serious, unforgiving, confident nature, she is vulnerable, cares very deeply, and is incredibly passionate. She wants everyone to believe she can do it all on her own, and she can. But she really thrives (mentally & on her desired path) when people help her in little ways.

Not always the best at expressing her love and appreciation. But remember and recognize that she shows her love and appreciation through her actions. Instead of seeing her as rigid, notice her as reliable. Remind her that people make mistakes, and not to expect people to know what is common sense for her. She can be hard on people & expect a lot because she expects so much from and is very hard on herself. Laughter is her medicine! She will hold on hard to people who make her laugh through life.

So just based on that small part of her fingerprint of a natal chart, your daughter will strive to do great things. And she will put in the work to get there. Some life lessons will be
-expectation can taint your experiences & what you are seeking
-things not going your way or according to your plans can be a gift you'll see later -trust & vulnerability! It is a strength, not a weakness to do this every now & then! Some people need to know you have a soft side and good intentions behind your headstrong demeanor.
-relax! Relaxation & being grateful for whatever stage she is in. (beneficial for everyone, but ESPECIALLY for this busy mind)

Congratulations on your new edition!!
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hope find observations insightful, share feedbacks :

cap asc, lord sat negating to own cap 12th, tending to foreign lands;
success amidst adversity;

sun-venus cap asc, good looks, artistic aptitudes-architecture etc,
may need zinc supplements;

ketu acq first, attention catching looks; mystic, reformist, innovative;
prone to pain-injury head-lower legs-sciatica etc to care;

moon virgo 8th, critical thinking, investigative-audit aptitudes,
circulatory health issues;

scorpio 10th inimical for cap asc, stress-delays in career;
jup-mars scorpio good at research-occult-forensic projects management;

all planets between nodes ketu-rahu,
prone to pain-injury-surgery-detachments in earlier 10 years of life,
while ketu south separtive node transits the natal planets, and later when
the ketu transits cycle repeats every 18 yrs, to watch/care;
special prayers to Christ, offer red flowers sat mornings at the alter at home;

wishing the baby health and wellness, kshantaram


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Thank you both for your interpretations! I’m looking forward to seeing my little human grow and how her personality unfolds. The heavy concentration of earth and complete lack of air is interesting to me since my chart has a lot of air (moon, mercury, mars, Libra, Saturn). She shares the same placement of Venus in cap conjunct the AC as me as well as Jupiter on the MC. I’ve always been interested in research, etc so I think we will share those sort of passions which is nice. Her father has a heavy water chart (sun, venus, Mercury, mars so I wonder how they will interact! I guess time will tell. :)