my clinic will perform?


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Hi ! I want to open my private clinic of alternative therapies. I wish to help me and look to my chart, i wish to know what the stars are saiyng about that. I want to open this little clinic in september.My question is - "my clinic will perform". Please,help me!:kissing:


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dr. farr

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(Following is not in accordance with standard horary delineation and uses whole sign house format)

Yes your anticipated clinic will perform well:

-Saturn in ascendant (querent's house) IN EXALTATION = strong benefic testimony
-lord of the 10th house of advancement in career, Moon, is posited in querent's house = + testimony
-lord of the ascendant, Venus (querent's significator) posited in 10th house of advancement; Venus and Moon are in mutual reception; = + testimony
-Lucky Strike North Node and Part of Fortune are in conjunction = + testimony
-significators Venus, Moon flow toward the North Node and the Part of Fortune = + testimony
-Moon's next conjunction is with Saturn BUT this is an angular, exalted, direct Saturn, so this is a highly benefic Moon/Saturn conjunction
-Moon and Venus in partile square = - testimony
-Mars significator of 2nd house of money
-applying trine between Moon and Mars (+); Mars in a pitted degree of Gemini (-) so this = net neutral testimony (indicates $ might not be as hoped for in the early stages of the new clinic)

Positive = +5 testimonies
Negative = -1 testimony
Net = +4 testimonies

With a net +4, indications are quite positive that your anticipated clinic will perform well and ultimately be profitable; money might be slow at first; also, Saturn, although benefic in its placement, indicates that getting things started might meet delay.

What will the ultimate outcome be? Following a modification of the Valens/Maximus inceptional method, with both the ascendant and the Moon being in a tropical sign, things will start out well; final result, lord of the Moon's sign (Venus) being posited in yet another tropical sign (Cancer), elevated up in the 10th house, the final outcome also will turn out well.

Best wishes!

juicey J.

Will your clinic perform well, lets see you have the 6th house (health concerns and care) in Pisces with its lord jupiter in taurus and retrograde (suggesting delay but take heart as venus in cancer and in mutual reception with the moon in libra means your clinic will be quite successful in the end. Also, although it will be quite successful overall its later fates might not be pretty as the ic/mc (which, besides the moon decides the final fate) is going square to saturn so expect some trouble down the road but you will over come it (the goverment stepping its nose in your territory?)
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:happy: Hi, dr.Farr! Thank you so much for your kindness and gentleness ! I must tell you that i waited very anxious the answer to my question and i'm verry happy that you answered me! You know, since 3 years i want to open that clinic, but now i decided to do it! I'm a medicine doctor, but since many years the alternative therapies were like a revelation for me and since that moment i'm practicing the alternative therapies,not allopate medicine. I practiced in other's clinics,but i dont like the commercial style, so,i decided to open my own little clinic. About money,it's normal to be slow at first,but i will be happy to help people, it's so much pain and suffering in that world! Your answer made me happy! But i have one more little question,please. I know that Saturn give delays,obstacles. Did you see on my chart many obstacles or big delay? I choosed september for opening my clinic. Should i choose another month? Thank you from the bottom of my heart! King regards! Sygryd:kissing:


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Thank you juicey J. for your answer! No, the government doesn't stepping its nose in my territory! King regards! Sygryd.