My Chart: any readings are welcome


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OK, let me try this again. Here is my natal chart, and it should be correct. If you could just tell me what you see please.


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"What do I see ?": I see an unreadable chart with too many aspects in a little size.
My advices:
- Change the picture of your natal chart: go to astrodienst for exemple...;
- Only let the aspects between planets, not the other points ;
- Introduce yourself a little bit;
- Ask a relevant question, not something like "what can you see?"

Maybe, after following these instructions, some good souls will answer you...

However, good luck ! :innocent:


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All of what Pluto2929 said. However, you did give your data so that those of use who need it and use our own chart systems are home free.

And go here:

I'd be happy to send you a jpg of the power and friction levels of your planets, houses, signs, and aspect relationships in this natal chart if you PM me an email address. This will help you prioritize whats important and what is not in your chart, and what your soul wanted you to work on in this life and what not.
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OK, let me try this again. Here is my natal chart, and it should be correct. If you could just tell me what you see please.
'Reading' any natal chart with reliability can take at the very least, several hours
often days and even longer and in fact, if one learns to read and understand one's own chart,
there are oiften new insights discovered daily :smile:

The image you posted is very clear
because all those red and blue aspects lines are isolated in the centre.

Your ascendant being 28 Pisces is interesting
simply because UNLESS your official time of birth is accurate to the minute
THEN IF the birth in fact took place only eight minutes later than stated
THEN you may well have been an Aries ascendant

The issue of accuracy of times of birth is important
simply because the time of birth defines the ascendant
and the ascendant sign/sign of First House then defines the signs on the cusps of the other eleven houses.
As an example, just the other day a member posted how the official time of birth given
for the birth of her daughter is definitely inaccurate
My daughter's birth was November 6th 2011, in Hastings, Nebraska.

Her birth certificate says 8:49am
but I know that's way too late
as I remember looking at the clock when I was pushing
and it was almost 20 past something - either 7 or 8,
and I only pushed for 10mins

I ended up hemorrhaging and passing out,
so I don't know the exact time,
and the medical staff were busy with me rather than the clock.

If I check when the sun came up I could narrow that down a bit because the sun was rising as I was pushing.

I've edited the original post too, as this was missing, but my place of birth was Harlow, England.

Regarding the image of your natal chart that you posted, clearly,
you have several planets in the same sign of Capricorn


'…....When many planets occupy the same house,
each operates according to its nature
its own other determinations

When, among many planets occupying the same house,
some correspond to meanings attached to the house,
whereas others are contrary,
it is necessary to ascertain which of these two groups is the most powerful.
If the former, the affairs indicated will be achieved
if the latter, their realization will be impeded or prevented.

When planets occupying the same house are benefics,
they anticipate fulfillment of good fortune
and suppression of misfortune indicated by the house.
If malefics, the contrary occurs,
unless in good zodiacal state in a favorable house....'

'…...If some are benefics, and others malefics,
it will be necessary to examine with care
which ones of the two groups are the most powerful,
and to judge according to the result of this organization....'