My chart and birth control effectiveness


Hi there,

I've never taken the pill before, but have considered it several times.
I dont think it's 'natural' but I don't want to get pregnant too.
I need your help regarding to fertility etc...

How much I'm fertile?
Is it safe enough for me to stick with not that efficient birth control methods or should I take pills (hormones)?
Do you see unpredicted/unwanted pregnancy/abortion in my chart?

Is it possible to tell in ones chart if you are likely to conceive in say the coming year?

I know it's much responsibility to answer these questions but I feel like I need some opinions from the astrological side.

Thank you!
Love, Lixxy


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Anyone please?

astrology aside, even the thought that you are concerned about unwanted pregnancy is enough to take precautions. The pill isint the only effective way. There is the IUD and other barrier methods available. Condoms have a very high success rate if used properly.

Dont risk things or hope on astrology....Im only saying this from a personal stance. As I had an unwanted pregnancy........I dont want to go into details what happened, but it stays with you for the rest of your life.

Think carefully, see your doctor and be wise :)