my 12th house stellium


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My own Moon was opposed by Pluto at birth, thus I have not experienced the transit in my own life; I can say that it would represent a process of intense, life changing transformations taking place at the deepest levels of the Soul. Pluto represents the need for 'intense purging on the emotional level' so that life crises and emotional intensity can be overcome, to allow for a new 'resurrection in life
...a rebirth so to speak. With all your Capricorn energy in the 12th this would underscore a more isolated life, at least at certain times...this could be by personal choice or by enforced 'confinements'
The 12th house is largely about healing from the events in our life...where we go for retreat and does conduce one to loneliness or isolation. With the Moon here, the essence of emotional repression is enhanced: Pluto now transiting here will be insistent on you doing some major self-analysis and healing in terms of your past experiences, as well as in your own emotional reactivity. This must come about by increasing your understanding and awareness of those things within your psyche that hold you back from the desire to participate more actively in life. Keep in mind that Pluto represents a long-term process, which can remain hidden within the psyche until the impetus towards transformation and resurrection can begin anew...individuals are often not aware of what is going on in the psyche and thus remain ignorant to the reasons behind their emotional dissonance...Pluto will be activating this sensitive zone in your chart until 2023, thus it will be crucial for you to prepare yourself for greater understanding and awareness...otherwise the consequences can be devastating. If you can see yourself more objectively, with the courage to understand why such a metamorphosis is necessary, you will ultimately come out of this influence as a whole new person, more empowered to meet the challenges and conflicts that come your way. You are being tested as to your personal mettle as to whether you will chose to become a survivor, or fall under the hooves of victim hood. That is the way I see it. When the going gets tough, the tough get going...