Mutable big 3


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it's ok since finland and baltic area ruled by Jupiter.
it doesn't come as a surprise even the Finland's chart is full of mutable.
all of finland's neighboors commies and socialists.
finland has ranked as top education system in the planet.
finland ppl are somewhat nationalistic very brave and play with guns and so.
even the J.R.R Tolkien inspired by Finland.
Finland is fantastic.
Finland is land of metal music. especially in folk, melodeath and symphonic and power genres (genres of jupiter)

all of these sound like cancer, gemini, pisces, sagitarius and aries.

I love finland at it's weirdness.

Haha thank you, Finland is a very unusual country indeed.
I was born here in Helsinki and well, i don’t feel like i belong here, i’m more urban but i think this country has some good things as well. :)


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My Big 3 are mutable. Virgo Sun, Gem Ris. Sag Moon. I feel as though I’m having a midlife crisis. I constantly overthink. I’m always trying fresh and reinventing myself I’ve lived in over 8 cities in the past 11 years. I don’t fit in crowds because I talk wayyyyyy too much. The only reason I can keep down a job is because I can travel with it. I’m exhausted.