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Thank you for the correction. I must have just read the first question when I was skimming through the charts the last time. However, I would still argue that the questions are all related to one another similar to "Is she pregnant? What's the gender? Is it healthy?", but that's not important. What is important is it's a good example of how you handle this sort of thing; delineate one significator, then move on to the other.

There's no fancy trick to it.

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Doing multiple questions from the same horary chart is a really simple process. You just delinate the chart one way, and then you go back and do it over again looking at a different significator. However, I can only recall ever having done this at one time, but the questions were still kind of related. The querent had just gone through a very difficult time in life (checked themselves into a mental facility, etc) and had met two new people and wanted to know if those relationships were going to be helpful to her. It was fortunate that one relationship was specifically in a romantic context while the other was specifically in a friendship context. So, while maybe not exactly two different questions, it was a similar question on two different matters.

Thanks for you answer, Kaiousei.

So I suppose we could just pursue one of them as a horary question and the other as an event chart, and then do them vice versa?

However..... I usually just ask the person which question was the primary one they were thinking about when they asked the combined question.

I see that its just plain complicated if the questioner can't qualify it.
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Henry Coley, in his book, "Key to the Art of Astrology" (1647) writes (page 232) "The Resolution of Questions made of Divers things together at one time. According to Guido Bonatus"

He goes on to describe how (if there are six or less questions) you should, ".... judge them according to the conjunction the Moon makes with the other six planets; and you may know the nature of the question, by the nature of the planet to whom the Moon is first joined after the question proposed, and observe the disposition of the planet, and accordingly judge the effect of that thing; for if he be strong and well placed, free from impediments, judge the effect of it will be good, if ill posited, judge the contrary.

Then see to what planet the Moon is next joined after her separation from that planet, and according to his disposition judge the second thing...."
and so on.

I seem to recall that there was something on the matter in the 146 Considerations of Guido Bonatus, but I cannot find it now. No doubt there is a Bonatus fan amongst us who can cite the original Bonatus text.