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Hi everyone, i need a piece of advice regarding astrocartography or relocation astrology. I am hoping to move from my home country to another country in europe this year for many reasons, but quality of life in general is the main one. So far, my options are almost all european (eu+norway, swiss) countries. Can someone tell me if one of these countries is good choice based on my natal chart? I have very limited astrological knowledge. I read something about venus in 12th house that is fortunate to move far away, across the ocean or on some island, but i do not have that possibility. I would really appreciate any suggestions.

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Re: moving to another country, advice needed

Well just like overall satisfaction in life. I dont care much about making money so maybe love life and joining some cause like some lgbt organizations. So I guess, love life and/or social life.


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Re: moving to another country, advice needed

Well just like overall satisfaction in life.

I dont care much about making money

so maybe love life

and joining some cause like some lgbt organizations.
So I guess, love life and/or social life.

You are looking for prediction of events?

Event prediction is time consuming and difficult because you cannot use just one measure of prediction to be at all accurate. For example, if I see the potential of an injury accident in a transit chart, I need to see something similar in at least 3 other measures of prediction, like: surgery, doctors, hospitals, nurses, confinement, etc., and I have to hunt for it.

Here’s a comment that one of our moderators had for this:

"The questions you asked would take quite a lot of work to answer, and that's if they're taken up by someone who practices predictive astrology. This is an amateur forum, and most of the people who frequent the Read My Chart board do not study or practice the kind of predictive astrology you're looking for. If you really want answers, that's what professional astrologers are for. Even then, not all professional astrologers make those kinds of predictions.”

And even with all this, if it turns out that

you have character flaws that make it difficult

for you to sustain a relationship, or

you don’t have the prerequisite skills

or experience for a job, it may still not come to fruition.
So relocation not necessarily "...the solution..." :smile:

as quoted:

"... if it turns out that
you have character flaws
that make it difficult
for you to sustain a relationship..."
" may still not come to fruition.."



Oh, in my case i think definitely the further the better... :smile: I don't mind living in a smaller town either. Are relocation charts valid? I know you only have one natal chart and that is the main thing, but when you move somewhere permanently life is going to change mildly at least up to drastically. So relocation chart seem legit in that way, because planets may move into different houses?


Yes i see it. Both 11th and 5th house are slightly weaker and 7th on the bottom again. Thanx for the explanation.

If you have time these days or whenever i am really curious about finland and netherlands too. Even before this possible move i was drawn to ireland, norway, netherlands, finland ( even portugal and spain). Funny you mentioned Philadelphia, when i was in college i went to baltimore and new hampshire for one summer, work and travel programme. Totally different vibes and energy than europe. I liked it actually, especially NH.


Wow, Portugal is really different. Yes 7th house much better. Maybe i am better of across the ocean but that is not possible right now and i am not prepared for something like that frankly.

Lagos looks really beautiful, i just checked it. But you are right about language also. That is why i look towards north more, in scandinavia and netherlands you can function with english just fine and in ireland obviosly.

If you have time someday to look for ireland, norway, netherlands and finland, i am more interested in smaller cities like galway (ireland), trondheim (norway) , utrecht (netherlands) and turku (finland). Rents are way way higher in capitals in europe, plus traffic and i like more laid back places.


Yeah i heard that about france. I am practical because i dont speak many languages so i am looking for an english speakng country , that is only ireland in EU. And also some countries where you can use english in the beginning without problems and i heard about netherlands, and some countries in scandinavia. But scandinavian climate is very harsh plus little sunshine thus finland and norway are out.

So, only Galway , Utrecht and Madrid. I threw Madrid in because i just love everything about spain, language, movies, music, architecture, food, culture, climate...


Lets go back to the original again, as I may have made some errors.

You wanted to see an improvement in the Friends/romance 5th house axis with a side light of partnerships.

This is what you have now:
1. You can see that the 11th house of friendships and outlook for the future is very powerful, and you are motivated, but whenever you try to use use it you get constant road blocks. Thus your desire to move

2. The fifth house of creativity and romance is ok in power, but very very low in friction so a little effort here goes a long way, but getting to romance from friendship to start is hard since that first step is often still born.

3. The seventh house of partnerships has no power at all, and is somewhat friction producing, which means you would have to work at that, but you have trouble getting there to even try.

Is this about right?

What you want to look at is several other places to see if they will boost your friendship without destroying your romance and partnership, right?
Yes that's right, when you described houses to me i understood that i am 5th/11th house person plus a bit of 7th.


Thank you Samantha very much for your help and patience. So galway is the best option out of those and utrecht is 2nd. Cool. Ill have to check job opportunities and living expenses in the following weeks, although i already know that both countries are very expensive. Ireland more so and it is more isolated as an island. Those were the options i was gravitating to the most. It's nice to know that both places are better than where i am now. I'll have to work with my saturn 90 asc but at least it moved from 4th to 5th house. I think every chart has its ups and downs and i suppose some ''hard'' aspects are needed, luckily i dont have many of those, i think. I use it as a tool to more patient and wiser... And i think it gets easier with time for me. After all, nothing is perfect, right? You made me happy, thanks again.


Austria is probably the best country in eu, very safe, clean, lots of jobs, great nature, cheapest rents out of most developed countries... but they speak german.