Mothers powerful chart


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Mothers chart

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Her chart is very pretty. Luminary connection in Gemini. 5 Arabic points and rising in Saggitarius. Other than her MC is physically in Virgo not Libra, her astrology sign align with the stars.


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Whoam1, yes, I find you! ^^ Could you also take a look at her western chart? I know you are very good with these things.

Yea, I use dates that align with the Vedic (with exception that I'm looking at the actual constellations which I have to take in account latitude too).


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Gemini Sun/Moon
Acute nervous system. Speed, rhythm, variety (dispersion). More reason than belief. Courageous. Egalitarian; rejects forced stratification: “What’s expected” often makes no sense to them. Play, youthful; needs affection, connection; feels loneliness deeply, often alienated. Music, arts, business. Mechanical, technical.
Intellectual, curious, talkative (charming, engaging). Passions drive intellect & interests. Needs constant input. Attention & interests shifting, varied. Hyper-sensitive (psychic); touchy, edgy (irrational); withdraws, hides. Stability from companionship (does better paired). Needs approval, acceptance.

Her Gemini is very expressive with her moon being angular. She has probably has high strung nerves and anxiety. She probably is a master communicator with a warm personality however.

Next is cancer her one of her most strong signs. Her Mars is here, meaning action, as well as her Sun and Moon ruler, she may very well could have went by cancer as her sign.

Cancer Mars
Inner strength (prodigious imagination & fantasy) usually holds private demons at bay; but clings to old wounds (angry, acting out, selfish, retaliatory from old mistreatment). Breeds confidence, makes things happen; loyal, speaks truth to power; but wants a chance to lead. Magnetic (passionate following?). Wants adoration sexually (otherwise business-like).
Cancer Mercury
Mind strongly influenced by feelings (romantic, subjective, infused with imagination). Writing style leverages imagery. Edits, modifies, & embellishes ideas, polishing & rehashing. Planners, organizers. Gives insightful counsel.

I would recommend her to be an author or something if the sorts, her 10th house is actually Virgo, therefore ruled by Mecurcy. Again pointing to the sign of cancer, heartfelt and imaginative, strong and magnetic because of Mars.