Mothers health from sons chart


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Hi all i have a friend whose mother isnt keeping too well..i am providing his details..can anyone please please give a prediction about her health situation..would be highly obliged..
Name- rahul agarwal
Dob- 14th march 1987
Time- 8:15 am
Place - kolkata


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It is generally not advisable to respond to a question asked on behalf of somebody else. It is not clear from your question that your friend has allowed you to ask for him.


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I agree with Dinesh Mathur 100%.

Asking permission is proper, even asking permission of the mother.

Your friend can join this forum just like you did, and then he can ask about his mother, including providing information about her birth time and place


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Actually he asked me to look into it but im just a learner and dont want to predict anything wrong as he is my wanted an expert to help me with it..he has birth details of his mother but they dont know the time..just that she was born late he asked if any predictions can be done based on his chart..