Most magnetic aspect.


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My brother has Pluto conjunct ascendant in the first house and he always had a lot of people in love with him. It seemed like it was just because he was really in tune with his desire nature, and that’s attractive to people. Like, in general, as in, he just always knew exactly what and or who he wanted. No waffling.
Could other factors in his chart play in?
My sister has a huge Scorpio stellium in her 10th house, Pluto conjunct her sun and square her Mars and she really doesn't get any attention at all which makes no difference to her so I don't mind saying it


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Well I have Pluto square Mars and AC (3-5 orb) ... Venus in Scorpio plus NN conjunct it.. Can't say i've experienced myself as magnetic so not sure how much this has value haha.


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Other Plutonians come off as extremely try hard as they're compensating for whatever they feel they lack. A version of the above Plutonian, but doesn't take their **** out by hurting others

Some are your everyday, benevolent control freaks
LOL! I’ve been saying this for the past few years, yet everyone just pretends not to hear it. Whatever planet Pluto touches turns weird and controlling :lol:

I think a lot of people have a low enough self esteem want to be in a controlling relationship. Women put up with a lot of BS simply because its what society teaches them to do. until they grow some ladyballz and tell the toxic men to pi$$ off.

There are some who exude sexuality, though, I'll grant that. But it's only in some cases. These are the Plutonians who have transcended the power struggle game and are above it. They've found their power...but in the midst of the struggle, Plutonians are really not very magnetic in the least

Part of what makes sexuality so appealing is the power you have others. People give you attention and free stuff like in bars or help pay for your purchases :)
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I know, I'm working on that. That's partially why I'm here. Looking for things I may not be aware of myself even though obviously, a chart can only say so much. I'm newly in therapy

I am seriously curious if there is anything in my astrological chart though. Do you think Pluto plays any part for me, or even Uranus or Neptune even though they form hard aspects? You mention all those aspects but do non conjunction aspects apply too?

I use astrology to gain insight into things I may not be aware of on a personal level or to explore things I already know, so I suppose this is another avenue for me to explore

Lykanized, sorry for the late answer but I've been very busy lately. I think you have quite a diversified chart and I'm just a beginner, however you do have strong Uranus, Neptune and Pluto IMO. I do think inconjuncts are major aspects and hard aspects make you "feel" the planet's energy more than easy ones.

Don't underestimate your Mercury strenght due to your Virgo rising (which maybe makes you a bit of a perfectionist and somewhat self-conscious), Moon and Mars. Strong Mercury tends to overthink things (which IMO isn't necessarily negative since it makes you have a deep personality but can lead to insecurity).

There definitely is an exaggeration of Pluto. I know many Plutonians and they're not at all magnetic. Not repelling or magnetic. Just blah. Someone else pointed that out earlier in the thread too

Totally agree with you. As a strong Scorpio and Plutonian myself, I actually know many Plutonians who are just "meh". There are some planets however which if they are in Scorpio or in connection with Pluto are especially felt by others and give the classic "Pluto" personality as it's widely described. For example, Pluto conj. Ascendant, Scorpio ASC, Moon-Pluto/Moon in Scorpio and Mars-Pluto/Mars in Scorpio are definitely visible. These people (in my experience) project confidence.

A planet which is largely underrated for charisma and attractiveness is Saturn. Yes, it can undermine your self-confidence, but if you work hard to harness its potential it gives you an enormous amount of power and confidence which is extremely attractive. Also, I tend to love the appearance of Saturnian/Capricorn girls, so sensual. They either have an innocent vibe (but it's just an impression they give) or an irresistible resting ***** face.

Once you begin to know them, they slowly reveal a multifaceted personality which makes me want to know them more and more. However, I have Cap DSC and Sun-Mars square Saturn, so that can be why.


Charisma is defined as 1. "Compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others." or 2. "Divinely conferred power or talent."

"Magnetic" refers to the field of physics that has nothing to do with sexiness, hotness, coolness, or hipness.

The tendency of this thread has been to talk about sexiness and desirability.

I accept that some human beings exude a quality of appeal that inspires the term, "magnetic", but it is typical of pedestrian pop astrology to avoid defining its terms like the plague. Pop astrologers seem to be stubbornly intent on confining astrology to the realm of junk conversation.

Sun/Pluto aspects tend to be stubborn and domineering. Is that Magnetic?

Classical charisma is most often associated, I think, with Sun/Neptune aspects.

Tony Robbins is a self-help guru who inspires many followers to follow his prescriptions for a better life. He has Sun/Neptune/Mc Grand Trine.

Martin Luther King has Sun on Mc biquintile Neptune. He was one of the most charismatic of all people.

The most magnetic person I remember from my experience is John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the US. He has a Grand Trine Venus, As, Uranus.

That quality that causes moisture and warmth from the crotch area is more properly prurient and lustful. Its connection to charismatic and magnetic is chaotic and steeped in pop sociological theory. If you want to discuss hotness and sexiness, call it what is is.