Most "evil" sign?


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I personally don't believe in it and where's Taurus on the list? Aries-Taurus cusp is where Adolf Hitler stands, but my own Mom with a Taurus sun and Aquarius moon (her birthday weekend tomorrow, but she passed away 2 years ago in April around Easter). And I guess Aquarius sun-moons are the satanic panic because of the planet Saturn.



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LOL the most 'evil' sign is subjective! I don't always have the best relationship with like two signs but even I don't consider them evil maybe just incompatible or annoying imo.


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Clearly it's cancer. The world's been looking to cure it for awhile now.
Cancer, the disease is ruled by Jupiter in medical astrology because of the expansion of neoplasia. Cancer the sign is ruled by the Moon, the emotional center of the chart