Most embarrasing/funny thing you did when first starting out with Astrology


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Well mine would have to be showing my birth chart ♐☀️,. I put it up in a post on this website & someone said it was the most Narc chart they had ever seen,. I literally felt so embarrassed and I questioned myself as a human being 😬 I was super embarrassed and ashamed of myself.

I’ve dealt with that but I’m very cautious now about sharing my birth chart, because I don’t understand it myself yet!


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Stumbling on this forum :whistling: Making an account :whistling:

I’m joking...calm down. Lets have a talk, maybe a drink. My specialty is H20 so let’s gets hydrated :wink: You seem tense, maybe even a massage. Is that headache still there? can I get you painkiller? Feeling tired? how about I read you a bedtime story? Life getting you down? How about hug?..I need to stop :lol:


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Mistaking the Pisces Glyph with Gemini Glyph when looking at charts. Not learning about house/ sign rulership, elements and triplicities. Finding a house system that 'works'.


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Okay so this is like when you FIRST started out and knew hardly anything about Astrology.

There must be something you've done that's funny/cringeworthy just like mine ill share :p
Due to lack of knowlegde (of course)...or should i say lack of AW.

Ok mine is.....

So when i very first got into horary, i used and still do for the charts, and where you type in the "first name" box, the actual question your asking...
Well bless me, i used to type the whole actual question in, trying to fit everything in, changing you's to u's etc to make sure it all fits, as i thought thought there was a "horary god/master" in the sky who read through the questions that people sent in :biggrin:

Now please... come on, there must have been something you lot have done too, that's cringeworthy from when you first started out :w00t:
Lol. I don't think that that was cringeworthy at all. It was really cute.