Most elevated planet, how does yours directly benefit you?

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Fair enough about planets ruling signs.

As far as the house thing, if a house is situated halfway between 2 signs (which mine is). I treat it kind of like a planet that's right on the cusp of 2 signs. For me personally, I feel Gemini is the stronger influence for me in my 10th, due to my N Node being there and the Node being exalted in Gemini. Plus the node rules the house it's in, so it's a strong influence to me. So I do feel that Merc influences my 10th more than Venus does.

I feel that Merc is strong in Aries, because for 1 Aries rules the brain 2 it is the esoteric ruler of Aries (esoteric rulerships generally vary for most signs, but Merc ruling Aries is one that is pretty universal). I consider esoteric rulerships just basically a strong position for a planet. Mars is in Scorpio and trines my Sun (in Aries).

What you said about Uranus/moon trine Merc is right potentially. But Merc trine Uranus, can also indicate genius, the moon and SN conjunct Uranus and all trining Merc can indicate an excellent memory and a poweful combination of intellect and intuition. As with any aspects there are potential positives and negatives.

As far as Merc and Aquarius go, I don't think either disposes the other.. Especially since Uranus also rules Aquarius. Uranus is a higher octave of Merc and thus have a good relationship with each other. Personally I do feel Merc is exalted in Aq and rules Virgo/gemini, either way it's strongly placed in Aq.
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Astrology has Rules.
After 40 years of studying astrology, I have found it prudent to observe the rules rather than follow my feelings.
The rules provide us with a framework of discipline on which to stretch our thought.
But with Mercury quincunx Saturn, maybe discipline and thought can't see each other. :whistling:

Except for charts cast for the equator, and within very narrow limits of time, any quadrant system will produce houses composed of two or more signs. You might consider experimenting with whole-sign houses. It just might be the best system out there.

The nodes don't rule anything. Planets are bodies, concentrations of energy. The nodes are abstract points and have no substance.

Oh well. I can see you are reinventing astrology in your own image. **** the torpedoes, Gridley. Full speed ahead.

(**** = "condemn". This silly self-censoring thingy believes I'm cussing when I'm quoting a famous military commander.)
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Yes, most all charts houses are composed of 2 or more signs. But I said that I consider both signs if they share an EQUAL presence in said house. If 1 sign occupies most of a house and another a slight bit, then that's a different matter. Then I take the dominant sign (that occupies most of the house).

The nodes are important to me and they're important to a lot of astrologers, several high profile ones. Some astrologers like you think they rule nothing, others think they do. The general consensus from what I've seen among ppl who do is that south and north are exalted in sag/gem and rule cancer /cap. Which due to the nature of the signs in question I completely agree with.

I wish I could take credit for some of this node stuff but I can't lol. Evolutionary astrology has been around for a little while.


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I didn't say the nodes are not important.

I said they don't hold rulership.

The longer I study astrology the more I lean to the traditional.
As I said, full speed ahead. Discussion closed.

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My most elevated planet is the Moon. My MC is 6 degrees 35 mins Aquarius. My moon is 2 degrees 13 mins Aquarius. However my Moon is conjunct Venus at 29 degrees Capricorn. So they both conjunct my MC, although Venus is out of sign. This Moon/Venus conjunction is from the 9th house using Placidus.

Saturn (traditional ruler of both Aquarius and Capricorn) trines my Moon/Venus conjunction from the 5th house. Also, Moon and Venus trine my ascendant, although the Moon is not the same element as my Ascendant and a rather wide orb for a trine (although applying), so not sure if you would consider the Moon valid although I think Venus is valid, same element, applying and 7 degree orb.

My Moon's (and MC) modern day ruler or sub-ruler, whichever you prefer, is Uranus. It is in Scorpio (exalted?) conjunct my Descendant (7th house) by 1 degree, opposite my Ascendant, applying aspect. Uranus quintiles my Mars/Jupiter conjunction (5th house) as well as my MC. It also sextiles Saturn (5th house, applying) and Venus (9th house, separating aspect.) Also, Uranus is parallel my Moon, less than a degree. All in all, I feel my Uranus VERY strongly, maybe more so than my Moon.

I think, in general, that this makes me a well-liked person. From kindergarten onward, I was always the teacher's pet. Which probably makes sense coming from the 9th house. Also, the Moon rules my third house. I was always quite popular, even with fellow students. In high school, I was friends with many different "groups" or cliques. I was friends with the popular kids, the jocks and cheerleaders, the skaters, the punks, the nerds, goths, artists, stoners (lol) etc. etc. I could easily interweave between the different groups, something that a lot of other people couldn't get away with. I was friends with whomever I liked without it affecting my standing in another "group." So I think that is the benefit of having a highly elevated moon, in Aquarius nonetheless.

About cadent houses, since the Sun Joys in the 9th and the Moon in the 3rd, maybe cadent isn't as weak as they say. After all, the 2 most important (in hierarchy) planets joy there. Seems a bit contradictory, since planets located in cadent houses are said to be less powerful. I mean, I know why they say cadent houses are weak but it doesn't make sense to me that the Sun and the Moon would joy is such 'weak' houses. Just wondering if anyone can explain this to me?


I think Moon conjunction MC for better or worse, brings "fame" to the person, or at least you're known throughout a lot of circles. That may explain why you're well-liked.

I also have an out of sign conjunction to the MC but my conjunction is a true conjunction. 29 37'18" Gemini Mercury to 3 20' 28" Cancer MC so it does fall within the 3 degree rule for a conjunction.

I think that out of sign conjunction(s) to the MC actually confuses people. Being that the MC is the most elevated and public point of the natal chart, the planets being in the same house as the MC will be easily recognized by the public. As for the planets next to the MC but in the previous or following houses, the energies may seem like it's "out of place" and doesn't fit in with the MC sign (being that signs next to each other have nothing in common).

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My moon is actually in the same sign as my MC, Aquarius. I was saying that my moon also conjuncts venus but venus is in 29 degree Capricorn. So they both conjunct MC but venus is out of sign.

Not sure what you mean by "true conjunction" or 3 degree rule but your conjunction is considered 4 degrees, not 3. It's 17 mins short of 4 degrees but still considered at 4 degrees.


Whoops. Posting while still groggy. I was thinking of something else while posting that and it came out jumbled.

3 degrees is the generally accepted cut off for true conjunctions. Your Moon conjunct MC is a true conjunction. Your Moon and Venus is a true conjunction. However, the Venus to MC is a stretch and wouldn't be considered a conjunction.

I brought mine up wanting to say that it's not exactly true conjunction but being that it's technically 3 degrees even though a few minutes short of 4 degrees, it's the closest planet to the MC even though it's out sign. Then I brought up that energies closest to the MC but out of sign can often confuse others/public.
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When interfacing with the public, I think the MC is fully at work. Whatever planets are on the MC (but still in the same sign) or planets that are in the same sign as the MC are hard at work and easily translate to the external world.

In your case, because you have the Moon on the MC and the signs match, however the world sees you and whatever energy you put out there actually matches. That could explain being generally well-liked, which serves as a very useful purpose- less problems with authority, etc.

The issue I have is not whether or not my Mercury conjuncts MC at 3 or 4 degrees, it's the fact that it's out of sign but still tied together which often puts out confusing energy.

Cancer MC in general gives the public impression of a soft, caring, empathetic individual. In my particular case, it's actually NOT true. Well, not completely true. I can be soft, and I am caring, but to a reasonable point before I ditch the person and tell them they're on their own. That's where things go wrong. Gemini Mercury is independent, objective, and isn't concerned about feelings- neither feelings from others, nor its own. Cancer MC is concerned about feelings all the time and has great desires to be needed (by the public). For me, I don't identify with Cancer MC as that seems foreign to me and very uncomfortable. But because Gemini Mercury conjuncts MC and it's strong in domicile, it is innate for me to respond to the public in a Gemini way, not Cancer.

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Well, just a thought. One has to work harder at integrating the 2 energies with an out of sign conjunction. Your mercury is in the critical 29 degrees so it is stronger, is more evolved imo. Plus, as you mentioned it is in it's own sign (and is a personal planet.) I can see how an out of sign conjunction to the MC can be problematic in that others see you in a different way than you are. Still though, Cancerian type jobs would probably be fulfilling to you. If you can integrate your mercury with it, you could probably be very successful and fulfilled.

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General consensus is that yes, the North node is exalted in Gemini and the South in Sag. A good amount believe that they have no exaltation as well. But many, many astrologers believe otherwise. North and South Nodes.pdf

The Dragon's Head, a "shadow planet" exalted in Gemini, is considered benefic (good), whilst the Dragon's Tail, exalted in Sagittarius, is considered malefic (evil) in influence.

Exalted in: Gemini
In Fall in: Sagittarius

Exalted in: Sagittarius
In Fall in: Gemini

Finally Ptolemy's table of essential dignities:
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
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Well, just a thought. One has to work harder at integrating the 2 energies with an out of sign conjunction. Your mercury is in the critical 29 degrees so it is stronger, is more evolved imo. Plus, as you mentioned it is in it's own sign (and is a personal planet.) I can see how an out of sign conjunction to the MC can be problematic in that others see you in a different way than you are. Still though, Cancerian type jobs would probably be fulfilling to you. If you can integrate your mercury with it, you could probably be very successful and fulfilled.

Actually, yes, thank you. I do excel and get fulfillment in "Cancerian" types of jobs. It's just that I don't initially get drawn to that type of work or that I purposefully ignore that side of me because I find it very hard to identify with my MC.

Lately, I have been doing real estate stuff and sorting out paperwork and handling some money transactions and I find that to be enjoyable. I've fallen into doing Cancerian work without even knowing it until now. Cancer is very concerned with property and the money that comes from land transactions.

I've been thinking of going back to school (for the 3rd time) and getting a degree to be a legal secretary. I've already gotten a Geminian Master's degree- in mass communications (surprise, surprise) and worked in Gemini fields (writing, PR, advertising) and sure, it was fun but I didn't really care. Now that I'm more mature and like more boring/dry stuff, I'm interested in practical and useful studies that has strong and consistent income earning potential. I guess that's my Cancer MC finally kicking in!


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Please post your most elevated planet and a description of how it has played out in your life, esp in regards to house rulership.

Mmm, I've seen two interpretations regarding 'most elevated'. 1. says it's the planet closest to the MC. (Not sure if this interpretation includes asteroids? Chiron?). 2. says it's the planet with this highest degree in a sign.

In my case (not including asteroid):
1. Uranus would be closest to the MC. It rules my 7th house.
2. Mars (highest degree) which rules the 4th.

I would say both of these are certainly very vital in the life/chart.


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Traditional Astrology: retrograde Saturn

I'm not very structured. I have this start/stop problem. I can accomplish something if structure is presented to me, but I'm not great on it by myself. It could be that it's because Saturn is also retrograde, so it hasn't quite manisfested.

I do however tend towards self-flagilation and can be so nitpicky.

Modern Astrology: Uranus / Neptune

Uranus: retrograde

I'm not rebellious or smart or innovative.

Nepture: retrograde

I'm not super dreamy or have a strong imagination.

Basically, I'm a really dull person :p

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Uranus and Mercury highest (in longitudinal elevation) for me-and both these planets really have had an important influence over the events of my life, and especially so my OUTLOOK on and about life.

Here's an additional point, though, regarding elevation of planets: planets IN DECLINATION are relative to the equator, so planets IN HIGH DEGREE OF DECLINATION are actually high above the horizon in the sky as we see it from the surface of the Earth.
Some of the oldtimers considered the planet with the HIGHEST DEGREE OF DECLINATION, (rather than the highest elevation in longitude in the chart) as the most prominent planet in the given chart: this is interesting, since-for example-we find that Pluto was the highest planet in degree of declination in the chart of the time of the first man-made nuclear reaction (December 2, 1942:3:35 PM, Chicago, Illinois) and Pluto was the highest planet in degree of declination again, at the moment of the dropping of the first atom bomb (and beginning of the nuclear weapons era) at Hiroshima 3 years later (August 1945).
I think there is much to this "most prominent planet by elevation above the equator via declination" concept, which is totally disregarded today (both in Traditional and in Modernist astrology)...
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I think in term of closest to the MC by degrees would be Virgo Mars in 1st house.

I think I have good physical, emotional and mental strength at work in particular. Since Mars are in mutual reception with, Moon and Mercury. Mercury rules AC physical body, MC work and public self, work. I am known as good at communication.

In term of appearance:

I am rather tall for my ethic group with moderate muscle tone, since Mars in Virgo (earth) ruling the 8th house and sextile Mercury in Scorpio (water) by 1 orb and trine Moon in Capricorn (earth) by 1 orb, also loosely conjunction with Venus in Libra (air) in 6 orbs. The comment I get from people about my appearance (1st house), are symmetrical facial features, sexy, curvy feminine shape but with muscular strength and I have the "Don't mess with me look" when I don't smile (Capricorn and Scorpio that is...).