More trouble in a different form?? please,please if someone could help?


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Hello all,

If you could remember me, I am someone you helped through a rough patch of life. I came here during a very tough time of unemployment. I got employed and being employed for the last couple of Months. I took this just to break the spell of unemployment. This a job is far away from home and I travel home for the weekend. This has put me in much troubled grounds since I have to maintain two places and its financially very tough. I am not even breaking even.

When will I be financially sound?

Will I find something which I will be fully satisfied?

Please help me with this too questions. This is the home stretch and I need all the support.

Thank you very much. Here are my details.

Place of birth is - Sri Lanka
City is - Kandy
Time of birth is 1.02 PM
The DOB is - 19/2/1974

Thank you very much for helping me please shed some light on these two questions please.



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Your first issue was employment. That issue is solved. Now you are looking for close to your house.
You are passing through Mahadasha of Jupiter which is combust and lord of 8th and 11th house.
Normally for Taurus ascendant Jupiter is not considered as an auspicious planet. Secondly is combust, so can not give your full desired results. But is placed in 10th house with Sun. Sun and Jupiter are giving strength to your own house. You can avail chance of coming to your place or near by around Dec/Jan. (coming). If you can do it!
Don't worry Saturn Mahadasha/Anterdasha will give you good benefit.


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Thank you very much.

If you please could tell me when my Saturn Mahadasha / and Anteradasha will start that would be great.

Thank you