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hello ! can you read my chart please and tell me exactly what should I do to become more beautiful and attract more suitors because a lot of time I appear awkward and lonely ...and btw, could you please explain to me this 'MERCURY OPPOSITE JUPITER " aspect because I'm not sure how it plays in my chart ..thx


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Stop it, don't be so hard on yourself. You're beautiful. Leo is rising that is a testimony in and of itself. I'm no chart reader or expert, but Venus is in Gemini ruler Mercury. The moon is in detriment in Gemini, not a very comfy place for the moon. I know because I have the moon in Virgo,(mercury's rulership) so I get the emotional standoffishness(that's not a word, lol) so perhaps "men" see you intellectually as opposed to sexy? That's a guess. Maybe you're coming across a little cold? Venus in Gemini is smart. Venus in Gemini can also be noncommittal, likes having more than 1 partner perhaps?Venus in Gemini is intellectual, not touchy feely like say, Venus in Pisces who demands your soul. So, what's wrong with that? Is it also a double bodied sign sp maybe your projecting one image and your really another? I'm guessing here so please take this with a grain of salt. The opposition from mercury to Jupiter, I'm not sure, maybe you sabotage the way you're communicating in the romantic sense.I'll look it up for you then get back to you. Getting back to that Jupiter opposing Mercury. Here is what I have come up with. Venus is in the 11th house, she is looking for perhaps friendly type relationships. She is opposing the Planet of communication, Mercury. You may be assuming potential partners are serious about being in a committed relationship with you when they are not.Maybe you should communicate more with your potential suitors to ensure you are on the same page instead of assuming they want the same thing as you. Before you expose your true feelings or make yourself completely vulnerable, get to know the person first. Assume nothing.You don't want to become a victim of the insincerity of potential partners. Jupiter opposing mercury is advising you not to be played by fake words.
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