Moon Square Venus in Natal Chart


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just another thing Cornholio,

I was just looking at your chart and you have your venus conjunct my mars/pluto/uranus in virgo! You also have your moon, and neptune conjunct my sag venus, and quite a lot of other connections too!

And look at what we always talk about :devil:hahaha!


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I have moon conjunt ascendant in cancer, square venus in libra in the 3th. Sun in virgo. I have a lifetime partner (20 years now) who has moon in scorpio and venus in aries. Sun in pisces. Despite we are amazingly emotionally and intelectually conected, sexual life became unexistant while the years passed, and we both look for fulfill it with other partners.
Only recently I noticed that in sinastry, his planets dont aspect my venus at all... Also, I had an unusual amount of "venus in aquarius" men in my life (aquarius ocupying a large piece of my 7th), and all of them left after a few months leaving my little cancerian heart in pieces.
By now, Im really begining to believe Ill never find both sexual and emotional fulfillment with one man only.:sad:


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hey I have sun in Aquarius and let me tell you.. I could CARE LESS when and where I have my sex lol

OK... Maybe you dont even care IF you have sex at all... LOL!!!!!!!
Please dont get me wrong, its just that aquarians are not exactly known for being the hottest ones, you know what I mean?