Moon-Mars aspects in the natal chart


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I have a very tight Moon-Mars conjunction(well, I have Moon, Mars, and Jupiter, all in 0 degree Gemini, square Mercury at 3 degree Pisces, and North Node, at 4 degree Pisces) and I have read that in a woman's chart, it means the "male side" of her subconscious dominates, so it makes it difficult for her to relate to men.
I was wondering if any of you who have Moon-Mars aspects have this issue(women, I mean), and if you find that to be true.

I also read various interpretations that said Moon-Mars contacts make a person very emotional(so true, in my case), but also that it basically ties one's energy level, stamina, assertiveness(Mars) to their emotional moods(Moon), which, sadly, I have also found to be true.
Not just that, but, more specifically, if I feel like my mother(Moon) doesn't support me or love me, I basically have no faith in myself.
Then, if she says something encouraging, I get an instant energy boost.
Can anyone relate to this?

I've also read that Moon-Mars aspects can transtale into "conflicts with women", or becomming a woman of power, yourself...which I would really like to be.


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Im not experienced with the conjunct... but I do know my son has Moon opp Mars (in leo)... I can be temperamental sometimes (lol), but all-in-all we protect each other very boldly if either of us feel threatened.

With the conjunct, Id imagine you are also protective of your mother and/or she of you too. Perhaps more so in a very soothing way.
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I have moon and mars square in fixed signs...stubborn and when I am in my powerful state I accomplish alot.
physical energy linked to emotional state...absolutely.
emotional issues with men....yes
extremely emotional....yes.
bossy some ways and in those ways extreme.


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i have a leo moon sextile my libra mars

i know my anger and aggression is usually controlled and yea my energy depends on my moods, and with my moon being under so much tension the moods run at extremes.

im trying to learn to control the enrgy-emotion things. One thing i did get from it was courage. My emotions run hot, and impulsive. I kno im a passionate person and this, to me, gives me confidence. It makes me look for flames in emotions so to speak

My relationship with my mother ran at extremes. All my life she has been in abusive relationships and i have had to compete for her attention. I love her b/c she is my mother, thats about it, i never felt nutured by her

But back to the point, yes my energy and moods are tied together miserably and my emotions feel more martian then anything, by that i mean they are all hot.


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Well, aside from the temper problems usually Moon in hard aspect to Mars means problems with the mother. How that plays out, we would need to look at the rest of the chart.


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I have Mars conjunct Venus and Moon in virgo (stellium). Mars-Moon wide orb at 8-9 degrees though. And this is square Neptune... My mother was absent from most of my childhood. I have good contact with women, or better contact with women than with men for some reason. Men tend to get more mad at me for unknown reasons for example. Im guessing the Moon-Venus contact is stronger than Mars. Mars at 20 deg, Venus 25 and Moon 28-29.


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my friend has mars trine moon. He doesn't like to argue at all, cause he can't handle it. He loses his temper bad. I would think the trine would be easier than the square I have. But I get mad fast and can hold steady till I eventually freak out. He doesn't get mad much, but then freaks out fast. hmmm.


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I have read just about any site description of the Moon-Mars conjunction I could find, including exercpts from google books.

One intriguing thing I read about this aspect was that people who have it may not be aware of their own competitiveness. I suppose it's because of the link to the Moon, which also deals with the subconscious, so Mars may get "drowned" somewhere, and I think that's true for me.
Well not so much that I am not aware of my competitiveness, more like I don't feel capable of owning it.
I mean, I am scared that if I really go for what I want everybody will rally against me, or something..
Or that if I show my true competitive spirt, I will invite more enemies/competitors than friends.

PS. I also have Moon-Mars-Jupiter trine Black Moon, and I also got this free reading from clairvision that said people with aspects between BML and Mars might be more driven to analyze themselves, and in so doing, might totally lose their Mars drive to the "shadow"..whatever that means.

here is my full chart:,P...f958b4-fc43-4b31-852d-5d12765a63b6&altText=me

I should also add that I used to be quite assertive up until my 15th birthday, or so, when I got depressed and started losing confidence, mostly because of being bullied.


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I love my Leo Mars trine Moon. It actually forms part of my Grand Trine with Sun, Jupiter and Asc. In my younger days I had a hair trigger temper. But with maturity I have learnt how to fight for my beliefs in better ways. (9th house Mars) Even now I cant help but get involved when I see unfair treatment because I become emotionally (Moon) drawn to stick up for the underdog. Physical excersise really lifts my mood and I have very passionate feelings. Dont even think about hurting my children, family or home (Moon) ha ha- that Mars force and fury would be like a lioness protecting her cubs and den. :wink:


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I have this conjunction in Capricorn and I believe that the combination of the sign and this aspect represents the Jekyll-and-Hyde nature of my temper. Cappy Moon normally means control over one's emotions, and Cappy Mars means a well-controlled and focused personal drive. But, the conjunction means strong emotional responses, and I bottle these emotions up until they explode out.


I have Moon trine Mars, and my own understanding of this aspect is that my emotions (Moon) and my physicality (Mars) are connected in a graceful way. So, it's like I can easily express emotions through physical activity, through my body. If I'm feeling irritated for instance, I start moving my hands irritably. And I also have my Mars in Gemini, at the critical degree of 29, so I think that's where the hand thing comes into play, since Gemini rules the hands.


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Matto I understand your point. With my moon trine mars my mars is is pisces which rules the feet and when I get agitated I start moving my feet..more in the motion of karate kicks.


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I also have this---Mars in Taurus in the 8th square Moon in Leo in the 11th.The trine between these two planets seems to 'flow' more whereas the square is shall we say,a bit more 'jumpy.' It seems to be about agitation,always a dynamic tension there,something about to snap.Definitely more agitated than the trine.A bossy mother? But of course,she was a Leo after all.


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I have a conjunction beetween Moon-Mars in Virgo in 12th house.

It is an interesting position and difficult to understand. The two planets are so different...

I think it indicates a strong mother, a ''worrior'', very courageus. And my mother was that way. But also a little grumpy. She always wanted to have the last word.
It also brings a lot of physical and emotional strenght (I was good in sports), strong emotions, courage. On the other hand, as it is in Virgo (Mercurian sign), I noted also that I am to nervous sometimes and try to calculate every step or, opposite, do something in a haste, too implusive, expecially when I am angry on someone.
It can bring also a little of aggressivitiy. It is like you had a Moon in Scorpio or Aries.

My Mars governates my 8th house so it is like a Pluto were conjunct to my Moon (in some way). I lost my mom too early. Maybe the reason stands also in the position of the Moon in 12th I read somewhere, it indicates early loss of mother and my mother was a Pisces.


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My moon's in the 8th square mars in the 11th.

I'm a pretty irritable person. However, I seldom lose my temper. When I do, it often turns into a kill or die situation for me. I become totally ruthless, listen to no explanation & have a tendency to take to violence. I used to carry a knife as a teenager, learned tae-bo for self defense & was well known as a no nonsense person. It does give a lot of physical & emotional strength.

I can't stand the "touch me not" type of girls, those who don't stand up for themselves, chauvinistic men & submissive/dependent women.

The square makes it obvious that I witnessed domestic conflict as a kid. I blame my dad for dishing it out & mom for accepting thrash. I've everlasting issues with men in my family & the reason is simple 'they're men!'. Quite contrarily, I see my mom as a strong & independent person. I come from a family where women have more than often been the head of the family & have seen mom lash out at dad when she's had enough. I've never been abused in a relationship. So I wonder how I'll react if I'm ever abused by a partner...:unsure:


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Almost forgot to reply to this before I went to bed.

*necro* Rise from the dead! RIIIIIISE! :)

I have mars (cancer, 9th) trine moon (scorpio, 2nd). Until a few days ago I largely ignored this aspect. Or rather didn't read into it much, didn't consider it terribly important, etc. The thing is though, this aspect is critically important for my chart, and actually explains quite a bit about me.

Since I was little, and to this day, almost everyone who meets me always proclaims "Your so absolute with everything! You either totally LOVE it, or totally HATE it. There is no grey area with you". Until a few years ago, I shrugged this off, and genuinely did not understand why everyone said this about me. I always thought myself to have rather moderated opinions. More that I just voice how I feel about something more easily than most. Really though, more often than not, I totally love or totally hate something. It just makes sense in my mind to figure out what I like, and link an emotional connection to it. The trine makes me even more emotionally linked to the things that I do. I'm already fairly linked as it is.

I have VERY strong emotions, always have. This aspect, is the key though, to keeping them in. I have moon conjunct pluto, and pluto trine mars exact (mars is also on my midhaven), so my emotions are amplified rather intensely already. The trine allows me to trap a lid on releasing them. I have an extremely long fuse, and I honestly don't think the bomb has ever gone off. I am able to hold off on things very well and release them at a later point (usually anyway). The best way for me to blow off steam is to do something physical. Either playing a game with friends such as tag, or throwing clay on the potters wheel. Wish I could dance and sing, that would be an ultimate release for me.

My emotions do own me though. As much as I can control them, they control me more. If I disobey how I feel for too long bad things start to happen. I did some pretty bad psychological damage to myself a year and a half ago when I set out, and succeeded on controlling what emotions I would feel, using logic. I still am feeling a bit of fallout for that, and I wonder if the scar will completely go away. So at the end of the day, moon trine mars acts as a wonderful strength to hold emotion in and back so one does not improperly release them. However, it amps up how it's felt by a lot.
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I have a wide moon-mars conjunction in libra in the 8th, and it's interesting to read what someone wrote about not being aware of your owwn competetiveness - I have just recently recognised this in myself, and tied to 8th house affairs.

This aspect is quite strong in my life: I do get irritable and can have a hot temper, but only if really pushed. The other thing is that it does link one's sex drive to one's emotions quite strongly, for better or worse... Lol


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I have a very tight Moon-Mars conjunction(well, I have Moon, Mars, and Jupiter, all in 0 degree Gemini, square Mercury at 3 degree Pisces, and North Node, at 4 degree Pisces) and I have read that in a woman's chart, it means the "male side" of her subconscious dominates, so it makes it difficult for her to relate to men.
I was wondering if any of you who have Moon-Mars aspects have this issue(women, I mean), and if you find that to be true.

Hmm, I know this is a thorny subject in this forum, but I've been open about it before: I'm gay (female) and while I don't have difficulty relating to men, I'm not attracted to them and I am quite aware of my inner "male" side, though I am also very feminine, so interesting angle!
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