Moon inconjuct mars: hair-trigger temper?


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Whereas I see that the inconjunct is a significant aspect and really major rather than minor but with a tight orb, semi sextiles are not valid really and are if anything positive. As a half sextile. That article I am afraid is not correct. Just because it is in print doesnt make it gospel.


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Whereas I see that the inconjunct is a significant aspect and really major rather than minor but with a tight orb, semi sextiles are not valid really and are if anything positive. As a half sextile. That article I am afraid is not correct. Just because it is in print doesnt make it gospel.
I didn't learn astrology through the internet, I don't always believe what is written on line but this link some of the sentences proved very true to me.


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Moon in Aquarius is a rather detached sign but can be cranky at odd times. Mars in Virgo is one that gets irritated I would say when little daily matters go wrong. With maturity usually comes a control mechanism that eases temper tantrums.
You are not the first one that says with maturity I will control my temper. I hope so, I am almost thirty. I am very touchy, and its so annoying.


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I will absolutely agree that a Moon/Mars connection (especially the challenging ones) denotes a fiery temper.

One of my best friends who I've known for more than 20 years has Moon in Scorpio conjunct Mars in Scorpio. She had a childhood full of yelling and screaming mostly due to her mother. Her mother is not a nice person and is very selfish, demanding and controlling.

She once said to me, "I'm the type who, if you do something to me, I'll do it right back at you." She is quick to anger and quite vengeful.

However, the most interesting thing about her is that her temper was soooo bad that she even had to almost quit drinking because she was, self-proclaimed, an "angry drunk." And it's true. She would literally start punching her husband! And her husband was the opposite - when he had a few too many, he was a happy drunk. Her temper may be more extreme because of the Scorpio influence, however.

She was able to eliminate a major temper trigger by stopping that behavior (for her, drinking too much and instead only in moderate quantities). That means there is hope for everyone whose Moon/Mars contact is giving them trouble. Now I'm not sure how her temper is at home behind closed doors because she has a big Scorpio influence and she NEVER talks about her private life!!

But I really admire her for doing something about the drinking because she was a major partier, ha ha. I should know, I partied with her...


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I don't think the trine between Moon/Mars is tempermental.
My boyfriend has this and he has never gotten angry, tempermental in all the time I've know him. He thinks its petty behavior:eek:.


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I have my moon in scopio inconjuct mars in Gemini, and it's a very exact aspect (0 degree), and I have always had trouble with controlling my anger. However, I am not sure if this is due to my ascendant in Aries, or due to this aspect (moon inconjunct mars).

Inconjunct means the energy does not flow between your moon (intimacy, inner emotions, womb) and your mars (libido, drive, physical energy). They operate separately. It does not indicate a hair-trigger temper by itself.


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My Leo :leo: Moon :moon: sextiles :sextile: my Gemini :gemini: Mars :mars:.

I have always felt like an Aries :aries: Moon :moon:. I am very impulsive, passionate, fiery, and I have a bad temper. I have a fiery dominant chart btw so that just adds fuel to the fire. :lol:
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Inconjunct, quincunx, 150 degree angle....signs which "do not behold each other." "Inconjunct" is also used to refer to the semi-sextile (30 degree) angle. Two planets are so close "they cannot see each other" The semi-sextile is a weak aspect and can generally be ignored in most charts. The quincunx, however, can be an infuuential aspect in a chart, especially in cases like this one where the Moon is quincunx the lord of the horoscope.

The idea of the quincunx is that the two energies involved are out of balance, disharmonious, out of touch with each other. I have Moon, ruler of the cancer ascendant in libra in the 4th house quincunx Uranus, very tight orb. My lifelong problem was "instabiity in home and family". There was a basic conflict between my desire for the security of a family and my uncompromising demand for personal liberty. So I would turn first one way, then the other. So the quincunx can indicate "incompletion". It can show a lack of continuity, a nagging sense of unease, feelings of annoyance or anxiety constantly in the background of consciousness.

I have a chart in my files in which Moon is in Aries 12th, partile quincunx Venus right on the Descendant in Scorpio. So she is the chart ruler -- Taurus Rising. Her mother stood by as if she was blind while the girl's father abused her continually over the years. Here Mother (Moon) "does not behold - is blind to...) the abuse of the native (Venus, ruler of the Ascendant) by her father.

The case in point, Moon quincunx Mars, and Mars is Lord of the Horoscope...anything that happens to Mars shows up at the Ascendant, which he rules. Mars, as Lord of the Horoscope, plays a very important role in the chart. Moon/Mars contacts in general indicate a very touchy, highly sensitive streak. There is often a tendency to imagine slights and offenses that were never intended; the imagination works overtime. As a defense against these offenses, the native himself can become very abusive verbally, and seeks to wound the "guilty party" emotionally, saying things that are deeply cutting and abusive. With Mars in the Third (I assume....Gemini with Aries rising) I would suspect a personality that has problems with vicious rumors. This aspect also shows an intransigent attitude that is unlikely to seek grounds for compromise. The mind and feelings are so busy thinking about the egregious insult, or demands on your own time and effort, that there is no room for compromise. Mars/Moon can be very unsympathetic. Maternal nurture, the feeling of being cared for and protected, was not forthcoming. It's quite possible that even as a child you felt unjustly accused of wrong-doing, or of inadequate performance. So today, you cannot abide criticism and are very sensitive to anything that might even imply criticism. Here is the aspect of the sore loser. This aspect also brings jealousy; you may think or accuse others of abandoning you (or of having any sort of relationship with your own enemies.) This person feels like others are out to get him. There's a lot more to Moon quincunx Mars. There is an implied immaturity. All aspects should be read in the context of the whole chart.

wow, what an explanation. i learnt quite a bit of things from this myself. thank you for explaining in detail like this. helps people like me to learn and grasp and understand things. :)


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I am a 7th house Gemini sun 12th house Scorpio moon and sagi rising. 8th house cancer mercury 3rd house Aries mar 7th house cazimi Gemini Venus (same degree as sun 22 degrees) 12th house Scorpio Pluto. Ummm 3rd house Saturn in Aquarius. 2nd house Uranus and Neptune in Capi at 16 n 18 degrees. I love ur interpretations. Can you give me some thoughts on my chart?


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If agreeable with you, would you put up your chart?
A visual representation is much easier to read than following your narrative.