Moon Ascendant?


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How would one go about finding their Ascendant based off the Moon instead of the Sun? Though I'm actually just looking for how often would it change zodiac signs? Like how the normal Ascendant is roughly every 2 hours.


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How would one go about finding their Ascendant

A detailed introduction to birth chart rectification
which is used to find your birth time and Ascendant
when it is otherwise unknown or uncertain :smile:

How to Rectify Your Birth Chart and Find Your Correct Birth Time

Many techniques in astrology require an accurate birth time to work
and this is why rectification can be crucial
or even necessary
for people who don't know what time they were born.
In this video we try to provide
a pretty detailed introduction to the subject
and outline our specific approach
which emphasizes how to find the correct rising sign
by using whole sign houses
and some related techniques.
This is the video version of episode 169 of The Astrology Podcast
featuring astrologers Chris Brennan
Leisa Schaim
Patrick Watson.
There is a full written outline
and a higher quality audio version of this episode available
on the podcast website